It seems we are in one big race of achieving the best in life in the least amount of time. 

Today, time is synonymous with money. We invest time to produce something which in turn gives us wealth. However, wealth need not always mean money and satisfaction. 

Even a billionaire in this cash-strapped world is utterly dissatisfied with his lives. Why is it so? It’s said that depression is the greatest epidemic today. Despite increasing developments in science, technology, and our very own lives, we do not seem to be happy at all.

In 2018 in the annual medical conference held by WHO had an important discussion about the connection between depression and the physical state of our body. That conference also mentioned that depression has a strange connection with both obesity (overweight) and anorexia (underweight).

However strange it may seem, we decided to put some thought to it. And this is what we found:

Our minds suffer from immense pressure throughout the day. The pressure is from meeting relationship expectations, meeting strict office deadlines, satisfying your boss despite all odds, and trying to keep up with the trends of the society.

In the struggle of fighting these fights, we terribly ignore our bodies. The physical body is an ingenious machine of a vast network of complex veins, nerves, enzymes, hormones, nutrients, and minerals. The last two components. i.e. nutrients and minerals come from what we eat, drink and inhale.

The other components are solely dependent on these two to serve our entire body efficiently. 

This is where the age-old phrase comes in. ‘We are what we eat.’

The bottom line is if we want our minds to stay healthy and prosper, we have to take extreme care of our bodies. Furthermore, we aren’t adherents of the idea that huge biceps and triceps are a signifier of a healthy body.

You may be on the skinnier side, but your immunity and metabolism work tremendously well. On the other hand, there are many people who are fat, yet their physical fitness will leave you completely amazed and puzzled.

We, the Supplements Crowd, is here to solve all your queries and answer all your doubts. 

A balanced and healthy body means it comprises all the nutrients in a definite order. It also means the body has a functional metabolism. 

The final point is, we should be able to identify our bodily deficiencies and in accordance with them, certain supplements are consumed. It is these supplements without which our bodies continue to lack those vital nutrients and prove detrimental in the long run.

At Supplements Crowd, we will give you all the detailed information on the various kinds of supplements that help you fulfill the lacks and deficiencies. 

How are we different from the rest?

This question must have struck you. Really, in the vast array of websites catering to fitness, what special do we have to give to you? Is this going to be another website that promotes certain supplements and writes reviews on them?

This is where we would say ‘NO!’ We aren’t so. 

Our vision is not to profit from other people’s misery. We understand that in this world of gimmicks, it’s difficult to choose what’s real. We also understand that people do not realize what they are consuming day in and day out in the name of protein supplements.

Supplements Crowd is a website that explains to you the basic functions of the body, gives you detailed instructions of taking care of your body, as well as finding the supplement that perfectly suits your bodily conditions. 

It is a holistic approach to the problems of maintaining a healthy body without any deficiency. We believe simply mugging up supplements isn’t the way to a beautifully shaped body. 

Understand what you need and what you lack and consume accordingly. We are here to help you with all of this! 

Trust us! With proper food, and exercise and the right supplements, you will have the body that you always aspired!

Patience, perseverance and time! Good luck!