5 Benefits of Flaxseed Oil for Hair: Grow Long, Strong and Shiny Hair

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Flaxseed oil is a rich source of omega 3 fatty acid that is associated with many health benefits.

We have discussed the benefits in detail in our omega 3 6 9 guides, so you can check that out. However, today, we are on a different mission. Our topic today is the benefits of flaxseed oil for hair

There’s a lot of discussion on the topic, but most sources focus on consuming flaxseeds supplements. Very little is present specifically on the effects on flaxseed oil on topical application. 

We thought we should provide our take on the benefits of flaxseed oil for hair. In this post, we will focus only on the benefits of flaxseed oil when you apply it on hair. We are skipping the benefits of ingesting, which you can read from other sources. 

How Flaxseed Oil Contributes to Healthy Hair

The lack of omega 3 leads to many health concerns. Falling hair, less growth, dandruff, – the list is not very short.

You will find plenty of research on how omega 3 can give you healthy hair and glowing skin. So, applying flaxseed oil on hair can promote the growth of healthy and long hair. 

Here are the benefits of flaxseed oil for hair when you use it regularly-

1. Fights Scalp Inflammation

The omega 3 in flaxseed oil is different in composition to other sources of fatty acid like fish oil. Flaxseed oil contains only ALA, while fish oil consists of EPA and DHA.

ALA is loaded with anti-inflammatory properties and helps in the production of energy. As a result, ALA can lower any inflammation in the scalp resulting from dandruff, hair loss, or other scalp issues. 

ALA can also reduce diseases associated with inflammation in the body that cause hair loss. You can also use it to get rid of dandruff and eczema.

2. Reduces Hair Loss

Men can suffer hair loss from the activity of the male hormone DHT. The male hormone targets our hair follicles and limits their growth phase, leading them to shrink. Now, we need healthy follicles for normal hair growth. But as our follicles are shrunk, our hair can’t also grow. 

Flaxseed oil for hair acts as anti-DHT and prevents follicle shrinkage. We have healthy follicles that lead to healthy and strong hair. 

3. Nourishes Hair and Scalp

Our hair follicles derive nutrition from omega 3 fatty acids. They provide nutrients to hair follicles for proper hair growth. People with omega 3 deficiency often have brittle hair for that reason. 

Flaxseed oil also contains selenium protein. We need both substances for healthy and shining hair. The vitamin E in flaxseed also strengthens hair follicles and nourishes hair strands. 

4. Grows Strong Hair

The B vitamins in flaxseed oil for hair has a role in growing strong and healthy hair. Some studies even suggest it increase the rate of hair growth. 

The strong anti-oxidant properties of flax oil also make hair strong and healthy. ALA, vitamin E, phenols, lignans, flavonoids– all are substances in flaxseed with anti-oxidant properties. Now, how are anti-oxidants related to strong and shining hair?

Anti-oxidants fight harmful free radicals to prevent ageing and cell damage. As a result, your hair and follicle cells stay healthy, giving you beautiful hair. 

5. Makes Hair Smooth and Flowing

You can use flaxseed oil as a hair conditioner to get fine and manageable hair. You can also lower chances of dry hair, frizz, split ends, and hair breakage. The B vitamins, vitamin E, vitamin C, and biotin in flaxseed oil even improves hair elasticity.

You can apply flaxseed oil after shampoo for flowing and smooth hair. 

Let’s take a quick look at all the benefits we discussed before progressing further. 

Flaxseed oil for hair gives you wonderful results-

  • Promotes hair follicle health
  • Promotes hair health
  • Nourishes hair
  • Moisturizes hair
  • Prevents dandruff and scalp problems 
  • Soothes the scalp
  • Prevents hair loss
  • Creates a healthy environment for hair growth

How to Use Flaxseed Oil for Hair

Follow the steps below to get the best results out of your flaxseed oil or gel-

1. Put a few drops of oil in your palm

2. Rub your palms together to heat the oil

3. Apply evenly on your scalp and entire hair length

4. Massage oil into scalp using circular finger motions

5. Leave for 15 minutes

6. Shampoo if required

As we already said, you can also use flaxseed oil as a conditioner. 

How to Make Your Flaxseed Oil

You will find flaxseed oil for hair from many companies. If you are buying your oil, look for products that are organic and cold-pressed.

Otherwise, follow our instructions to make your flaxseed gel.


  • Flaxseeds – 1/4 cup
  • Distilled water – 2 cups


  1. Pour the distilled water in a pan
  2. Add the flaxseeds
  3. Bring the mixture to a boil
  4. Lower the flame after boiling
  5. Stir for 10 – 15-minutes on low flame
  6. Turn off the flame after mixture thickens

You can directly apply the flaxseed gel you created on your hair. For storing, put the gel in an airtight jar and place it in the fridge. Try to use up the gel within 1 – 2-weeks. Discard the mixture when the smell starts going off. 

Who Needs Flaxseed Oil for Hair

Anyone can benefit from using flaxseed oil for hair. You will get strong, healthy, shiny, and long hair. 

However, people who don’t get their required dose of omega 3 can especially benefit from flaxseed oil. Statistics show that most western diet doesn’t contain enough omega 3. For those people, flaxseed oil can be a good choice to grow healthy hair. 

Otherwise, you can get your omega 3 requirements from 1.5-servings of oily and fatty fish per week. 

Final Thoughts

Flaxseed for hair can bring magical transformation in how your hair feels and looks. It promotes healthy hair and even makes it shiny and long.

Flaxseed oil is a good choice for people who can’t ingest it in supplement form due to gastrointestinal problems. You can use flaxseed oil regularly to get hair that supermodels sport in covers of magazines! 

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What does flaxseed oil do for your hair?

Flaxseed oil is the ultimate hair conditioner. It prevents hair loss and improves hair quality. You can also get rid of dandruff and scalp inflammation. Flaxseed oil also nourishes your scalp and makes hair strong. Your hair also looks more flowing and shining.

How do you use flaxseed oil for hair growth?

Rub a few drops of flaxseed oil in your palm and apply gently along the length of your hair. Use your fingers in a circular motion to massage the oil into your scalp. Leave for 15-minutes and apply shampoo if you wish.

Can flaxseed grow hair again?

Some evidence suggests flaxseed oil can help you long and strong hair. It contains omega 3, vitamins, flavonoids, and more to regenerate hair once again. Massage flaxseed oil regularly on your scalp for the best results.

Can you leave flaxseed oil in your hair overnight?

You can easily leave flaxseed oil overnight for healthy and flowing hair. There is no risk or concern if you leave flaxseed oil on your hair for hours at an end.

What are the side effects of flaxseed oil?

You don’t need to worry about side effects if you apply flaxseed oil directly on your scalp. Consuming the oil can have side effects like loose stool, bloating, and stomach discomfort.

Does flaxseed stop hair loss?

Flaxseed oil is a great supplement to prevent hair loss. Various studies back this claim and show flaxseed oil to improve hair growth and hair quality. You may also be able to grow hair on bald spots.