What are the Real Benefits of Vitamin C with Rose Hips? The Truth Revealed

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What’s the catch with vitamin C with rose hips?

Roses are beautiful flowers and can have potential health benefits. Especially, rose hips are filled with nutrients that can prevent many diseases and keep you healthy.

Not all of us notice rose hips. These are the small bulbs filled with seeds found below the petals. You can see the rose hips once the petals fall off during the fall.

In this post, we will talk about the benefits of rose hips and why it’s so special. But first, let’s find out what the pods of seeds contain.

Nutritional Properties of Rose Hips

Rose hips come with a huge dose of vitamin C. They are also rich in vitamin A, vitamin E, and vitamin B5. You also get a bit of fiber, carbs, and calories.

Additionally, the bulbs are also high in antioxidants that include vitamin C, ellagic acid, and catechins to lower inflammation.

Unfortunately, you can’t just pluck rose hips and eat them. The seeds have a lining of fine hair that is irritating for our stomach. 

As a result, manufacturers refine and dry rose hips and sell them as supplements.

The Effectiveness of Lab-Treated Rose Hips

Rose hips lose most of their potency while being treated at the lab. The heat and refining remove much of the vitamin C and other nutrients. To make up for the loss, manufacturers add lab-fortified vitamin C to make up for the loss. 

You can buy rose hip supplements under several brand names in the market. They also come in the form of capsules for convenience. 

Now, let’s see what rose hips with vitamin C can do for you.

Relief from Osteoarthritis

The most common form of arthritis affects millions of people around the world. Common symptoms include pain in various body parts like knees, neck, and joints. 

Oral doses of rose hips can give you relief from pain and stiffness. It can improve function and help people with osteoarthritis live a normal life.

Rose hips fight off oxidative stress with its high content of vitamin C and antioxidants. You can also lower inflammation and get relief from pain. 

We have a substantial amount of research to show the positive effects of rose hips for arthritis. However, we still need more research to determine the best dosages.

Rose hips with vitamin C has many other health benefits, but not all have scientific evidence. We will evaluate the other benefits based on available evidence.

Treat Vitamin C Deficiency

Rose hip supplements contain high amounts of vitamin C, up to 2,000mg. If you suffer from vitamin C deficiency, rose hips can be a good option for supplementation.

Naturally, you will get all the benefits of vitamin C, like more strength to fight cold and flu. Along with other nutrients, rose hips can help you develop a healthy immunity.

However, don’t expect to get a strong immunity by having only rose hips. You will also need to do other things right, like fulfilling your overall nutritional requirements. 

Young and Healthy Skin

Rose hips may help you have a healthy skin. In one study, supplementing with rose hips led to- 

  • Fewer wrinkles
  • More elasticity
  • More skin moisture

The polyunsaturated fats in rose hips can protect your skin from harmful elements like the UV rays and pollutants. The antioxidants may also help in keeping your skin young. 

Moreover, any product with high vitamin C can provide anti-aging effects when applied topically. However, the benefits of skin lack adequate evidence.

In one animal study, rose hip oil even facilitated wound healing and the development of fewer scars. 

May Reduce Obesity

Many studies on rats showed rose hips to reduce body fat. Researchers believe antioxidants like tiliroside in rose hips may assist you in burning fat.

In one study, pre-obese people taking rose hips lost belly fat. However, the study used only 32 people, which is a very small sample. 

We need more human studies to say anything conclusively. 

A Healthy Heart

Rose hips may keep your heart healthy by reducing bad cholesterol. It may even have a role in lowering blood pressure. 

small study backs the claims of reducing blood pressure and total cholesterol. Additionally, rose hips bring down your bad cholesterol or LDL levels.

You can thank the antioxidants of rose hips for improving your heart health. This area is still under research and needs more evidence.

People also use rose hips for a number of other reasons. But they don’t have any substantial scientific proof. Such undetermined benefits include-

  • Combat urinary bladder infections
  • Alleviating dizziness and headaches
  • Treating constipation or diarrhea
  • Removing stretch marks on the skin

Rose hip tea is popular in many parts of the world and used in ancient medicine. You can also find them in many food products like drinks, beverages, and jams.

Side Effects of Rose Hips

While vitamin C is free of side effects, rose hips may cause some problems. You may experience an upset stomach and even nausea. Some people also feel heartburn after taking rose hip supplements.

Additionally, some people should adopt caution, especially those who had kidney stones or have iron disorders. 

Consult your physician before taking rose hips for complete safety.

Should You Take Rose Hips

Rose hips sometimes may be prescribed by doctors. If that is the case, you can confidently supplement with rose hips. People who lack vitamin C will also benefit from having rose hips.

But as we said, speak with your doctor before starting your supplement. That’s the best way to know if it’s the right thing for your needs.

Final Thoughts

Rose hips with vitamin C have many benefits. The most significant is relief from arthritis pain that comes with aging. You may also be able to improve your immunity and fight the common cold. The rest of the benefits have insufficient evidence, so you are free to make your conclusions.

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Do dried rose hips contain vitamin C?

Rose hips are rich sources of vitamin C. But dry rose hip or rose hip powder may lose much of its vitamin C content. Manufacturers often add more vitamin C in rose hip supplements to make up for the loss. 

What is rose hip vitamin C good for?

Rose hips with vitamin C can reduce arthritis pain. It can make up for vitamin C deficiency and support healthy skin. Plus, it may have beneficial effects on weight loss and heart health. 

What is different between vitamin C and rose hips with vitamin C?

Rose hips contain a heavy dose of vitamin C. It also packs vitamins A, E, and B5. You also get antioxidants, fiber, and carbohydrates. In comparison, vitamin C is just a vitamin and present in many natural products, like rose hip.

Is rose hip good for your skin?

Various beneficial elements in rose hips, like polyunsaturated fats and antioxidants, are good for your skin. In studies, rose hips increased skin moisture and reduced wrinkles. You can also get young skin by applying rose hip oil on your skin. 

Do rose hips have anti-inflammatory properties?

Rose hips contain is a potent source of antioxidants that lower inflammation. Vitamin C, catechins, ellagic acid, and other antioxidants have anti-inflammatory properties.  

What is the best vitamin C supplement?

The best vitamin C supplements in India are Eucee Vitamin C and Fast &Up Charge Vitamin C. You can also go for Now Foods Vitamin C or Natures Velvet Lifecare Vitamin C. All the products have great feedback and awesome customer reviews. 

Is it safe to take vitamin C with rose hips?

Rose hips with vitamin C are generally safe for regular use. We can tolerate up to 2,000mg of vitamin C every day without any harmful effects. But rose hips may cause nausea and upset stomach. Don’t take more than the recommended dose of rose hips.

Can you eat raw rose hips?

You shouldn’t eat raw rose hips. Rose hips have a fine layer of hair on their surface. Eating raw rose hips can give you diarrhea. So, it’s better to make rose hips tea or rose hip supplements.

How much vitamin C should I take – 500mg or 1,000mg?

You should take 500mg of vitamin C for health benefits, as researchers suggest. The upper limit of daily vitamin C dose is 2,000mg. So, 1,000mg doses may also be safe. Talk to your doctor for the best dose recommendations.

Can I take vitamin C supplements every day?

Vitamin C is safe even for everyday use. You can safely take vitamin C tablets up to 500mg per day.