Top 5 Best Biotin Supplements in India 2022 for healthy hair, nails, and skin

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MuscleBlaze Creatine Monohydrate

Nature’s Bounty Biotin 5000 mcg

  • 60 Tablets, 5000 mcg Each

  • Support a healthy nervous

  • Healthy hair, skin and nails.



ON Micronized Creatine Monohydrate 

Cureveda Grow Plant Based Biotin 10000 mcg

  • 150gm, 10000 mcg per serving

  • High-Potency Hair Nutrition

  • Essential dosage of Vitamin B-7



Muscletech Creatine Essential Series

OZIVA Plant Based Biotin 10000+ mcg

  • 120gm, 10000 mcg per serving

  • 100% Natural Sesbania Agati leaves

  • Control hair fall & hair thinning



Ultimate Nutrition Creatine 

Carbamide Forte High Potency Biotin 10000mcg

  • 120 Tablets, 10000 mcg Each

  • Growth & maintenance hair

  • Supports energy metabolism



Sinew Nutrition Micronised Creatine

Simply Herbal Premium Biotin 10000 mcg

  • 90 Capsules, 10000 mcg Each

  • Treat a number of skin problem

  • Keratin is the type of protein



Are you looking for the best biotin supplements in India?

Biotin is one of the essential B vitamins for us. We need biotin to metabolize fat, carbs, and other substances. Biotin also supports healthy hair, nails, and skin

Selecting the top biotin in India is not an easy task. Supplements are not regulated, so you can’t trust just any brand. You need to do good research and make sure everything is alright. 

We thought of helping you get started by picking the best biotin supplements in India. You can simply explore our recommendations and then do your own research. However, we are almost sure you will only come to positive conclusions, as we have listed only the best products. 

So, let’s take a look at our first biotin supplement. 

1. Nature’s Bounty Biotin 5000mcg (60 tablets)

Nature’s Bounty is one of the leading supplement and wellness brands in the world. The company has decades of experience creating quality products based on scientific formulas. You can buy more than 16,000 items spanning categories like dietary supplements and herbals. 

Nature’s Bounty biotin tablets follow the trademark quality of the company. The supplement works like a charm and provides all proven benefits of biotin. 

Why should Nature’s Bounty biotin be on your list?


The biotin from Nature’s Bounty is one of the most top-rated products. You can check out the ratings on various online stores and confirm for yourself. On Amazon, it has a rating of 4.6

Very few products manage to get a rating of over 4. Nature’s Bounty has not only surpassed the threshold but also scored more than most products on the platform. 

You can surely have faith in the brand and the supplement.

Customers Love Nature’s Bounty

Customers always seem to love anything that comes out of Nature’s Bounty. Whether it’s biotin or flaxseed oil, you can always expect the best results. The company ensures only the best ingredients are used and has stringent supplier checks. 

You can read all the reviews and see what customers are saying. You will only find positive reviews where people have always benefitted from the product.

Order yourself a bottle of Nature’s Bounty biotin to feel the difference!

What we liked

  • Vegetarian product
  • Quick dissolving tablets
  • FSSAI license
  • Made in a GMP facility
  • Recommended by customers
  • Natural strawberry flavor
  • 5000mcg biotin per tablet
  • Comes from a reputed company

2. Cureveda Grow Plant-Based Biotin 10000mcg (150gm)

Do you remember “Baidyanath Chyawanprash?”

The brand Cureveda is owned by Baidyanath, a name that any Indian recognizes instantly. It’s one of the oldest and most well-known herbal wellness company in India. You can buy any Baidyanath product with your eyes closed without worrying, as you are sure of assured results. 

Baidyanath biotin powder is another gem from the house of Baidyanath. We only found good things about the supplement with almost no cons. 

What exactly stands out?

Everything Natural

Unlike other capsules or tablets, Baidyanath sources its biotin from plants. The main herb used is sesbania, with added ingredients like-

  • Bamboo-derived silica
  • Lycopene from tomatoes
  • Mango and pomegranate

Apart from contributing biotin, natural ingredients provide a range of benefits. You can reduce inflammation as lycopene is an antioxidant. Additionally, silica makes way for healthy hair and nails. 

Even the sweet taste of the supplement comes from the herb stevia

All the Benefits of Biotin

Doctors and dieticians will always tell you natural sources are best to get your nutrients. Our bodies absorb nutritional elements best from food. Following the same approach, Cureveda has used only natural sources of biotin in its supplement. 

As a result, the biotin powder from Cureveda works without exceptions. You can get results with continued use and notice a difference in your symptoms. 

Cureveda biotin is one of the best supplements to incorporate into your routine. 

What we liked

  • Comes from Baidyanath (since 1917)
  • No artificial ingredients or sweeteners
  • Pleasant taste
  • Can be mixed with milk or smoothies
  • Added nutrients for extra benefits
  • Recyclable packaging
  • Boosts scalp circulation
  • Suitable for Indian needs

3. OZiva Plant-Based Biotin 10000 mcg (120gm)

OZiva is a growing Indian ayurvedic company. You can buy clean and chemical-free supplements from the brand that has been covered by CNBC, The Economic Times, and more. The high-quality supplements do wonders for your body and help you lead a healthy life. 

The biotin powder from OZiva follows our quest to bring you only the top supplements. Let’s see what makes OZiva special. 

Fully Natural Ingredients

Like Cureveda, the biotin in OZiva comes from plants and herbs. The main ingredient is sesbania, standardized to provide 0.5% biotin. You also have other natural ingredients like-

  • Silica from bamboo shoots for shiny hair
  • Amla with vitamin C for hair growth
  • Pomegranate for anti-aging effects

Additionally, you won’t find any added sugar or artificial sweeteners. If you really want a clean supplement, OZiva can fit your bill.

Expert Guidance for the Best Results

You get unlimited access to expert guidance when you buy an OZiva product. Experts are available on chat and email to answer your questions about the product and fitness. You may also ask for pro tips and diet suggestions to get the best results from your biotin. 

Even if you don’t use this service, you can get positive results. It’s a top-selling supplement and trusted by hundreds of customers. 

You don’t have any chances of going wrong!

What we liked

  • Amazon Best Seller product
  • Ingredients sourced from nature
  • Natural formula for most effective results
  • Extra ingredients for more benefits
  • No preservatives added
  • Non-GMO ingredients
  • 10,000mcg biotin per dose

Free consultations for customers

4. Carbamide Forte High Potency Biotin 10000mcg (120 Tablets)

Carbamide Forte is a popular brand of supplements in India. They have countless products targeted at Indian men and women for a healthy and fit lifestyle. The brand has a positive perception among customers and does well to keep up its reputation.

Carbamide Forte biotin tablets are potent sources of biotin for all proven health benefits. You don’t have to worry about controversial ingredients or toxic chemicals. The brand takes the utmost care to choose only quality ingredients. 

What can you expect from Carbamide Forte biotin?

Your Way to Healthy Hair

Biotin is an important vitamin for hair health. However, not everyone will have healthy and strong hair just by taking biotin. We will go into the causes later, but for now, let’s continue with our review. 

The best way to get results from any supplement is to talk to a doctor. A customer used Carbamide Forte biotin as suggested by his doctor before hair transplant. After using 3 months, the customer noticed an improvement in hair growth and hair health. 

You can see the review and the before and after pictures posted by the customer. As you will notice, the “before” image actually shows hair growth on a bald patch of the scalp.

Carbamide Forte biotin review in amazon

Surely, you don’t need more proof of Carbamide Forte biotin’s effectiveness. 

Active Lifestyle

Biotin helps in energy metabolism by breaking down carbs. If you have been suffering from fatigue, Carbamide Forte biotin can be your answer. 

You can expect a boost in energy levels for an active lifestyle. 

What we liked

  • 10000mcg biotin per tablet
  • Vegetarian product
  • FSSAI license
  • Made in a GMP facility
  • Non-GMO ingredients
  • Certified ISO company
  • Small, easy-to-swallow tablets
  • Supports healthy skin

5. Simply Herbal Premium Biotin 10000mcg (90 capsules)

Simply Herbal has taken on the mission to provide natural supplements devoid of any artificial touches. The company sells a range of wellness products that span across several categories. Multivitamins, sports nutrition, beauty care, health- the list is endless!

Simply Herbal biotin, as you have guessed, is made from natural ingredients. You don’t need to ruin your night’s sleep, wondering what is going into your body. It will is completely safe and free from adverse effects.

So how does Simply Herbal biotin perform?

Multiple Ingredients for Most Benefits

Simply Herbal has created its biotin supplement with 42 scientifically-proven ingredients. You don’t just get the benefits of biotin, but can look forward to a complete makeover. 

The most significant ingredient apart from biotin is keratin. It’s a structural protein that helps develop nails, hair, and follicles. The combination is super effective and promotes healthy hair and nails. 

You get 25mg of keratin in each tablet of Simply Herbal biotin. 

Additionally, you have around 18 amino acids, 10 vitamins, countless minerals, and other natural extracts. As a result, you can expect a lot of improvements in your health and lifestyle. 

One Capsule Is Enough

One capsule is all you need to get the full benefits of biotin from Simply Herbal. Along with biotin, you get all your amino acids, vitamins, and minerals. If you ask any doctor, they will tell you to eat a healthy diet to reduce hair fall. 

However, we aren’t always able to follow a proper diet due to our busy lifestyle. Simply Herbal biotin can work as an overall dietary supplement and fulfill your nutritional requirements. It can make up for the shortfall and help you stay healthy. 

What we liked

  • 10,000mcg biotin per tablet
  • Added keratin for healthy hair and nails
  • A range of vitamins and minerals
  • Natural antioxidant extracts
  • Made in a GMP facility
  • FSSAI license
  • Certified ISO company
  • 100% vegetarian

We have come to the end of our best biotin supplement in India review. Next, we will take up a few important points that remove all confusion around biotin and its benefits.

Does Biotin Prevent Hair Fall?

Many people and supplement manufacturers claim biotin prevents hair fall and makes hair strong. You will also see these benefits mentioned on the labels of biotin supplements. However, the truth is not that simple.

Biotin can only stop hair fall or make hair grow when you are biotin deficient. If you have healthy levels of biotin, you are not likely to get any benefits. You can check out any trustworthy source on the internet and do your research. 

We have also taken on the topic in detail in our blog. You can see for yourself how scientists don’t support the use of biotin for hair growth. 

So, don’t waste money on biotin if it doesn’t work for you. This is also the reason you see people say biotin didn’t stop their hair fall. They aren’t biotin deficient, to begin with, so taking biotin is not going to provide benefits.

The same applies to nails. You will only benefit from biotin supplements if you are deficient in biotin. 

A number of underlying reasons can cause hair fall, including your overall health. The best way to find out the cause is to talk with your doctor. You can go ahead and take biotin if they recommend it. 

Can I Take Biotin for Healthy Skin?

Biotin is necessary to support healthy skin. You may experience skin rashes and similar problems if you don’t get enough biotin. In that case, biotin supplements are a wonderful choice to improve skin conditions. 

However, here lies the catch. You have to be biotin deficient in order for it to make your skin healthy. The fact has been proven by endless studies, some of which you will find in our blog

Healthy people will not experience any skin benefits by taking biotin. The National Institute of Health also agrees there is insufficient evidence to support the use of biotin for skin improvement. 

Like hair fall, skin problems are also caused by several reasons. Visit your physician and take their suggestion to resolve your problem. 

How Common is Biotin Deficiency

Biotin can make your hair, nails, and skin healthy if you are biotin deficient. This might make you think- how common or rare is biotin deficiency?

Fortunately, biotin deficiency is very rare. Only 1 out of 137,401 persons suffer from serious biotin deficiency. When it comes to partial biotin deficiency, only 1 out of 109,921 people get it. 

As a result, you are very less likely to be biotin deficient. However, pregnant women and smokers may have lower levels of biotin. 

Generally, you don’t have any tests to measure biotin deficiency. Doctors look for symptoms that arise when you don’t get enough biotin. They include-

  • Hair fall
  • Skin rash on the face
  • Depression
  • Lack of energy
  • Brittle nails

You should consult with a physician if you have any or all of the above symptoms. Your doctor will determine if you have enough biotin and recommend the course of action. 

The Best Biotin Supplement in India Buying Guide

Let’s quickly explore a few tips to help you buy the right supplement for your needs. We will start off with a vital consideration while buying Biotin.

How Much Biotin You Need

The recommended dose of biotin is 30 – 100mcg for healthy people. If you suffer from biotin deficiency, you may need more. A doctor is the best person to determine the best dose matching your individual needs and health conditions. 

All products on our list provide you more than 100mcg of biotin. You will never have to worry if you took enough biotin. The lowest dose provided by our recommendations is 500mcg, which is higher than your daily requirement. 

You can just choose a product and place your order without any hassles.

Natural Vs. Lab-Made Biotin

It’s a proven fact our bodies like natural nutrients more than anything. That’s the reason experts will tell you to eat a varied diet to fulfill all your nutritional requirements. 

As humans, we are more tuned to nature. As a result, our bodies also absorb nutrients most effectively from food. You can expect the best results from natural supplements as they come with the goodness of nature. 

Biotin sourced from plants is better than lab-made biotin. However, manufacturers do tweak their formulas to ensure even lab-made biotin does a good job. 

You can make plant-based biotin your first choice. This is also a good way to avoid any side effects that comes with synthetic products. 

However, it’s also safe to buy lab-made biotin tablets from a reputed manufacturer. Just make sure you are not falling for a cheap product.

Indian Vs. Imported Products

Apart from Nature’s Bounty, all products in our list are made in India by Indian companies. We have seen people generally go for foreign brands as they think they are more effective. However, this is not always the case. 

The Indian supplement market is in its early stage. But that doesn’t mean we have any lack of good products. Brands like Cureveda and Simply Herbal are making a mark with quality and effective supplements. 

You can now find Indian brands that can give tough competition to international brands. We suggest you go for Indian supplements if you want to save money. They are far less expensive than imported brands. 

People who don’t want to make any compromise can go for international brands. Nature’s Bounty is a reputed foreign brand and is a great product that always provides the best results. 

So, the choice ultimately lies with you.

Final Thoughts

Biotin, when used for the right purposes, will provide assured benefits. We have taken care to select only the most effective biotin supplements in India.

You are always welcome to do your research to ensure you are buying the right supplement. Our recommendations are equally effective, and you can place an order for any product with complete peace of mind. 


Do biotin supplements really work?

Biotin is important for your hair, nails, and skin. But biotin supplements seldom help healthy people. If you’re low on biotin, supplements will surely work. Or, if your hair fall is related to biotin, you will notice improvements. The best way is to consult a professional before taking supplements for medical reasons. 

What are the side effects of biotin?

Taking too much biotin can cause digestive issues, skin rashes, insulin imbalance, and kidney issues. You should never take more than the recommended dose of biotin. Stick with the manufacturer’s instructions or follow your doctor’s advice. 

What is the best biotin supplement?

We suggest looking for nature-sourced biotin supplements. You can also buy biotin supplements with good ratings and reviews. If you want, you can also choose one from our handpicked recommendations above.

Can biotin lead to weight gain?

Biotin doesn’t directly increase your body weight. However, biotin increases your appetite. So, if you don’t control what you eat, you can end up gaining weight. It’s quite common, and many people put on weight after starting biotin. Choose calorie-limited food and eat a protein-rich diet to keep feeling full. 

Is biotin bad for your liver?

Research on biotin and its effects on the liver is rare. There is no evidence that biotin is bad for your liver. Recommended doses of biotin are safe. Additionally, biotin is water-soluble, and our bodies don’t store it. So, you don’t have to worry about your liver.

Can biotin improve hair texture?

Biotin can change your hair texture for the better. However, for that, your hair problem needs to be caused by biotin deficiency. Or, at least, it has to do something with biotin. Consult a dermatologist if you have chronic hair loss issues. 

Can biotin cause thyroid imbalance?

Biotin supplements are known to cause false results in thyroid tests. You may either get higher or lower than normal results. However, that doesn’t mean biotin affects your thyroid negatively. 

Does biotin damage kidneys?

Biotin is safe for kidneys and even prescribed to people with kidney diseases. However, you should still refrain from crossing the recommended dose of biotin. Too much of anything is not good for us, especially supplements. 

Can biotin give you acne?

Taking too much biotin can lead to acne. Your skin pores may get clogged and cause acne from excess levels of biotin. Always stick to safe dosages. 

Can I stop using biotin suddenly?

Biotin is a water-soluble vitamin and doesn’t form any dependency. You can safely discontinue biotin when you want. However, you should follow the full course of your treatment if you’re prescribed biotin by a doctor.