The Best Fat Burner Buying Guide for Those Looking to Lose Fat

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Who needs a fat burner guide?

Well, depending on your situation, you might be the person who needs it most! Weight loss supplements do have a lot of confusion around them. Finding the right product according to your needs is also not easy. 

How do you really find something that helps you shed those extra pounds?

You’re in luck as that’s what we are going to talk about. We will cover questions like-

  • How to find the right weight-reducing supplement?
  • What type of supplement is right for you?
  • What to look for in a fat burning supplement?

We will discuss all the important considerations. But for this post, we are not going into what fat loss supplements are and if they work. Our last article dealt with the topics, so give it a read. For now, we are going to move straight to the point. 

Ingredients: The Most Important Factor in Choosing a Fat Burner

A supplement is only as good as its ingredients. So the list of ingredients is the top factor in choosing weight loss supplements. You want to make sure your weight reducing supplement does work, so you must check out the label!

Here’s a list of common ingredients found in most fat burning supplements-

  • Caffeine from various sources
  • Green tea extract
  • Protein
  • Yohimbine
  • L‐Carnitine
  • CLA

These ingredients have proven results and are also backed by scientific evidence. They help you lose fat in many ways like increased metabolism, stored fat loss, converting fat to energy, and more. Some of them also suppress appetite and increase our body’s capability to burn fat. 

Check Efficacy of Ingredients

Fat burners can also contain other ingredients. So you need to check out if they are really effective and backed by evidence. Just Google the ingredients and find authoritative sources to fetch your information. 

You can confidently choose a supplement if the ingredients have scientifically-proven results. 

The above statement holds true not just for fat burner supplements, but any type of supplement. We talked about this in our pre-workout buying guide and always advise the same thing. 

Now that we covered the most important consideration let’s move to others. 

Fat Burner Stimulants: Are They Okay for You

Many ingredients in fat burning supplements act as stimulants. Caffeine is the most common example of stimulants found in fat loss supplements. 

Crossing your daily limit of stimulants can have negative effects. We discussed in detail how fat loss supplements might make it harder to fall asleep. Other ingredients like green tea extract, Yohimbe, and Garcinia Cambogia can hamper sleep. 

While you research ingredients on Google, don’t forget to check out if they have stimulant properties. Then you can approach the supplement with caution. 

We have to say something important that we already said in our fat burning supplement and sleep problems post. 

Not everyone will have problems with stimulants. 

Also, adverse effects are rare if you stick to the recommended dose on the label. 

The above two things will make sure you have no problems with fat burners. You can also take your supplement in the morning to avoid any problems with falling asleep. 

Do You Need Extra Energy Boost?

Do you know a few hundred milligrams of caffeine acts as a low dose of amphetamine? 

The stimulants in weight loss supplements actually give you an energy boost. Many people use the increased energy to work out and exercise for maximum results. While the energy boost may not be as great as creatine, but it will give you the push to exert yourself. 

You may be able to do intense exercises and add to the weight you normally lift, like creatine

Summary: Stimulants may not be a problem if you don’t take more than the recommended dose. 

Now, let’s see how to choose the right weight reducing supplement. 

How to Choose the Best Fat Burner

The first step to choosing a fat burner supplement is researching the supplements. Then consider the following things-

1. A Reputed Brand

Look for sings in a fat burner that points to a reliable manufacturer. Things like-

  • Full disclosure of ingredients 
  • Third-party certifications
  • Manufactured in a GMP facility
  • Good reviews and ratings
  • Recommendations from sites like Labdoor and Healthline

2. Convenience

Weight reducing supplements come in many forms, including pills and powder. Pills are easier to take while traveling or on-the-go. Powders can be mixed with any beverage or other supplements like whey protein for optimum results. 

All forms have the same results, so convenience is the key. 

3. Value for Money

Expensive products don’t automatically mean good quality. Sometimes, even generic products offer the same results as leading brands. So, you may need to shop around a bit!

Don’t avoid brands you never heard of. They can be good too, so do your research. You can choose a fat burner if the ingredients are effective and the brand is reputed. Don’t make your choice based on price alone. 

4. Natural or Synthetic

You should always go for natural weight loss supplements if you can find them. Otherwise, it’s okay to go for synthetic ones as long as they don’t contain any harmful or controversial ingredients. Anything natural has fewer side effects, so make this a priority in your decision. 

5. Your Medical Background

Your medical background is also an important factor. Stay away from supplements that have ingredients you may be allergic to. 

Also, people with specific diseases or ailments should avoid stimulant-based fat burners. These disorders include-

  • High blood pressure
  • Heart problems
  • Insomnia
  • Anxiety

A stimulant-free weight loss supplement is best for such people. You should talk with your doctor before you take any fat loss product if you suffer from the said disorders. 

Buying Fat Burner Online

Buying fat loss supplements online comes with its added share of responsibilities. Here, you research not only the product but also the online seller. It’s important to make sure the seller is reliable as you don’t want to end up with fake products. 

So check the reviews left by previous customers and ratings of the seller on any eCommerce store. You should tread with caution if you find negative feedback about fake products or other issues. 

Wrapping Up

That’s all the considerations you need to make to choose the right fat loss supplement. We are sure you will be able to find the right product based on your needs following our guide.

The most important steps are researching the ingredients and finding a reputed brand. After that, take cues from our guide and move ahead! If you need more help, leave your questions in the comments. 


What should I look for in a fat burner?

The first thing to look for is natural and safe ingredients. Then you should research the ingredients to see if they really work. Check for efficacy and any common side effects.  Ideally, choose a thermogenic fat burner for the vest results.

When should I take fat burners?

You can take your fat burner in the morning before breakfast. Some people also take fat burners later to suppress hunger and keep feeling full throughout the day. Additionally, you can take fat burners before working out to utilize the energy boost.

Are fat burners safe?

Fat burners made with natural ingredients are safe and free of side effects. You should research the ingredients of your supplement to see if they have any reason for concern. Quality fat burners are safe and don’t cause any harm to your health.

Do fat burners damage or cause muscle loss?

Fat burners are designed to burn body fat. They don’t make you lose muscles. However, you should eat a proper diet and refrain from exercising on an empty stomach. Doing these two things might lead to muscle loss.