Top 5 Best Iron Supplements in India 2022 for Optimum Energy and Vitality

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Nature Made Iron Supplement

Nature Made Iron Supplement

  • 180 Tablets, Each 65mg

  • Red blood cell formation

  • Suitable for pregnant women



Nature's Bounty Iron Supplement

Nature's Bounty Iron Supplement

  • 100 Tablets, Each 65mg

  • Health and energy utilization

  • Delivering oxygen to the cells



Now Foods Iron Supplement

Now Foods Iron Supplement

  • 120 Tablets, Each 18mg

  • Ferrochel Iron Bisglycinate

  • Gentle & Non-Constipating



Solgar Chelated Iron Supplement

Solgar Chelated Iron Supplement

  • 100 Tablets, Each 25mg

  • The vital energy booster

  • Gentle on stomach



Carbamide Fort Chelated Iron

Carbamide Fort Chelated Iron

  • 60 Tablets Each Bottle.

  • The complete blood builder

  • All nutrients are 100% RDA 



Iron is an essential micronutrient for us. The mineral helps our body function normally to stay healthy. It aids digestion, energy production, and regulates blood pressure, among many roles. Many people also take iron supplements for a number of medical reasons. 

Whatever be your goal, you will need a good iron supplement to get positive results. Finding a quality iron supplement is not that tough if you know the tricks. But the job may appear challenging for someone not used to research. 

Additionally, you may spend hours and end up missing your duties!

Naturally, we had to do something for our readers. So, here are the 5 best iron supplements in India chosen from the best of the best. All iron supplements in our review are worth the money and increase iron content in your body. 

How are we so sure?

All our recommendations are rated more than 4.5 stars on Amazon. Plus, they have sold countless bottles of supplements. Moreover, each supplement has hugely positive reviews. You can check that out for yourself by clicking on our product links!

Additionally, we did all the research that you do before buying something. Plus, a bit of looking around for scientific evidence. 

So, here are the results of our effort.

1. Nature Made Iron Supplement – 180 Tablets

Nature Made is an American brand creating quality supplements since 1971. The company has won the recognition of being the number 1 brand recommended by pharmacists from US News. You can find several categories of products from the brand serving the needs of people worldwide. 

Nature Made iron supplement is rated 4.7 stars on Amazon. We looked into the popularity of the product and discovered quite a few good things. Here is what sets Nature Made apart from the rest-

USP Verified

USP or United States Pharmacopeia is a non-profit organization that sets public standards on supplements and medicines. The pharmacopeia is one of the few bodies you can trust, having formed 200 years back.

USP-verified products bear a mark of excellence and contain what is claimed on the labels. They are also verified to break down in your body within a period of declared time. Additionally, the supplements don’t come with specified harmful contaminants. 

Nature Made iron supplement carries the USP promise and provides assured results. Additionally, Nature Made has followed FDA-mandated manufacturing procedures. 

Before we proceed, we want to clear one doubt. We saw a review mentioning one of the ingredients, Polysorbate 80, as a toxic compound. If you do some research, you will see only the cosmetic version of it is harmful. The food-grade polysorbate 80 is safe and not toxic. 

Works Better than Prescription Supplements

Nature Made iron supplement replenishes your RBC and can sure iron-deficient anemia. This supplement works better than iron supplements prescribed by doctors. Nature Made will cure your symptoms if they are caused by iron deficiency. 

Check out this review-

Nature Made Iron review in amazon

Additionally, athletes can fulfill their iron requirements for accomplishing varied fitness goals.

What we liked

  • One of the oldest brands
  • Complies with US standards
  • Boosts energy
  • Good for the heart
  • Suitable for pregnant women
  • 98% positive reviews on Amazon
  • Top-selling product
  • No harmful ingredients

2. Nature’s Bounty Iron Supplement – 100 Tablets

Nature’s Bounty is a brand owned by Nature’s Bounty Company in the USA. The company is operating in the supplement market since 1971. Years of excellence have made the brand highly popular in more than 100 countries. Today, its portfolio contains more than 16,000 products spread across numerous top brands. 

Nature’s Bounty is on our list of best iron supplements in India for a number of deserving causes. Let’s explore them in a bit of detail. 

Amazon’s Choice Product

Nature’s Bounty iron supplement is Amazon’s Choice. A product only wins the recognition from Amazon when it has overwhelmingly good feedback. Additionally, the product provides guaranteed results to make customers highly satisfied. 

Moreover, the product is rated at 4.7 stars, which also proves its efficiency. Best of all, Nature’s Bounty has 97% positive reviews. 

Elevates Energy Levels

Athletes need more iron than the average person. They exercise more and lose iron, one of the most important micronutrients. Many people who train, including endurance training, causes you to use more iron. 

As a result, tiredness and fatigue can become your friend!

Nature’s Bounty iron supplement fulfills any loss of iron and promotes more energy. You don’t feel as tired and can push on longer at the gym. 

Iron also helps in the production of hemoglobin to transport more oxygen to your muscles. As a result, you can develop more stamina to exert yourself harder. 

Nature’s Bounty iron supplement should be on the list of any athlete or bodybuilder. Check out this review to know how well the supplement works-

Nature's Bounty Iron review in amazon

What we liked

  • Another old brand
  • Popular around the world
  • Follows USP manufacturing processes
  • Ideal for people with sensitive stomach
  • No controversial ingredients
  • Suitable for vegetarians
  • No nausea or discomfort
  • Made in USA

3. Now Foods Iron Supplement – 120 Capsules

You will find very few people who haven’t heard of Now Foods in the fitness circle. The family-owned brand is highly popular among people who live an active lifestyle. We have reviewed several Now Foods supplements before, and have never been disappointed. So, we decided to include it in our recommendations.

Now Foods iron supplement is again, top-rated at 4.6 stars on Amazon. Like our other handpicked supplements, this one too has a staggering 96% positive reviews. You can always expect the best from this American brand, without any exception!

So, what else is remarkable about Now Foods iron capsules?

No Gastrointestinal Discomforts

Now Foods started walking the path of natural goodness even before it became a trend. The company chooses natural ingredients that are gentle and safe. The iron supplement from the brand adopts a similar approach and is gentle on your stomach.

Many people have digestive discomforts after taking iron supplements. Getting constipated is one such common effect. However, Now Foods iron supplement is designed not to cause any unpleasant gastrointestinal effects. You can stop worrying about constipation and have your supplement with peace of mind.

Quick and Clean Results

Now Foods iron pills are suitable for a range of people who need iron supplement. You can notice an improvement in your condition in a matter of weeks. Whether you suffer from heart ailments or alcoholism, this iron supplement is surely going to work.

Several customers have already shown their trust in Now Foods with so many positive reviews. It’s time you also join the race and lead a more healthy life- and be assured of quick results like these-

Now Foods Iron review in amazon

What we liked

  • Reputed brand since 1968
  • Natural and safe
  • Suitable for vegetarians
  • Supports active lifestyle
  • Good for pregnant women
  • Ideal for older adults
  • Quality ingredients
  • Supports heart health

4. Solgar Chelated Iron Supplement – 100 Tablets

Solgar Science was established back in 1947. The brand sells like hot cakes in the USA and is known for its clean and nature-based supplements. Best of all, all products sold by the company are the results of extensive research and expertise. 

Additionally, Solgar uses ingredients from only a selected few suppliers in the world. It also manufactures small batches of goods to control quality more strictly. 

Solgar had to be on our best iron supplement in India list. We found several reasons to suggest the product to our daily readers. One important reason is the high rating of 4.7 stars on Amazon and 95% positive reviews. 

What are the others?

Good for Pregnancy

Iron is a key nutrient for pregnant women who may lack a healthy amount of the micronutrient. However, you can’t just use any supplement considering your baby’s safety. 

Pregnant women have used Solgar iron supplement with wonderful results. It’s a safe option that also comes without any filler ingredients. 

Additionally, the iron is in chelated form for better absorption. 

Boosts Red Blood Cells

70% of your body’s iron resides in the hemoglobin or the red blood cells (RBC). As a result, iron is essential for maintaining healthy levels of RBC. You need to have ample RBC for oxygen transportation and a number of bodily functions. 

Solgar iron tablets are a champion in increasing your RBC counts. The supplement can cure anemia caused due to low levels of RBC. It can also work for conditions brought about by the lack of iron. 

The majority of customers feel Solgar is one of the best iron supplement in the world. 

What we liked

  • Assured GMP quality
  • A patented form of iron
  • Keeps you active
  • Gentle on stomach
  • Special bottling for maximum potency
  • Recommended by customers
  • FSSAI importer licensed
  • Value for money

5. Carbamide Forte Chelated Iron Supplement – 60 Tablets

Carbamide Forte is a well-known brand in India. The name comes up again and again in our reviews as the company has a stellar performance. You can always get pharmaceutical-grade quality in all supplements from Carbamide Forte. This one, too, has 93% positive reviews on Amazon and a hell lot of amazing feedback. 

What can be said about Carbamide Forte iron supplement?

Boosts Haemoglobin Levels

Lack of iron can lead to hemoglobin deficiency or iron deficiency anemia. Your body can’t carry oxygen efficiently due to low levels of iron. As a result, you feel tired all the time. 

Moreover, you can also experience chest pain, poor appetite, and cold limbs. 

Carbamide Forte iron tablets seem to be the ideal solution for hemoglobin deficiency. You can boost your iron levels with a few week’s use and feel more energetic. Additionally, your pain will vanish, and your appetite will also get back on track. 

Carbamide Forte iron supplement worked wonderfully for people with anemic medical conditions. See for yourself-

Carbamide Forte Chelated Iron review in amazon

Wellness Guaranteed

Carbamide Forte has packed a few crucial nutrients along with iron in their supplement. You get the following vitamins and zinc with per dose or chelated iron-

Vitamin C

Do you know how high vitamin C deficiency is in India?

According to research, vitamin C deficiency may be present in 73% of the population in certain parts of India. Are you surprised?

We will just thank Carbamide Forte for including vitamin C as an ingredient. 

Vitamin B12

This is another important vitamin for healthy red blood cells and prevents a type of anemia. 

Folic Acid

Folic acid is additionally responsible for promoting red blood cell production. 

As you can see, this supplement is a true performer, like we said before!

What we liked

  • Boosts production of red blood cells
  • Supports healthy energy levels
  • Chelated iron for zero side effects
  • All nutrients are 100% RDA 
  • Zinc for good immunity
  • FSSAI approved
  • Made in a GMP facility
  • ISO certified company

That’s it for our best iron supplement recommendations. Now, let’s take a look at a few important aspects of taking your supplement. 

How Much Iron do You Need Daily?

The daily requirement for iron is rather small. Adults need only 8mg iron per day to stay healthy. However, some people may need more iron than the average person. 

The most common example is people with anemia. Doctors prescribe iron supplements for people who have iron-deficiency anemia. The recommended dose for such purposes is 45mg per day.

Next comes pregnant women. The need for iron increases while a woman bears a child. Pregnant women may need up to 27mg of iron daily.

Additionally, some people may have lower levels of iron due to many causes, like lifestyle. Vegetarians may not get enough iron as they don’t eat animal products. The dose will be the same for such people as any average person. 

Athletes and Active People

You already know working out can lead you to lose iron through sweat. That is a fact and not a product of our imagination. Research shows athletes need more nutrients than the average person as they exert themselves intensively. 

According to Amy Culp, Sports Dietitian at the University of Texas- 

Athletes may need 70% more iron than a person who sits at the desk all day.

So, you do need to be mindful about getting enough iron if you lead an active lifestyle! Order any of our recommended best iron supplements in India for assured results. 

Be Careful About Your Iron Dose

Iron, in excess amounts, can be harmful to humans. Consuming too much iron supplements over a long time can lead to iron toxicity. Taking too much iron supplement at once can also be unpleasant. You can get gastrointestinal side effects and even cause damage to your cells. 

Additionally, too much iron can be bad for the liver, brain, and other organs. As a result, you need to be really careful about how much iron you take. 

You can form an idea about your iron requirements from our discussion above. But it’s always best to speak to a professional for an exact dose. A regular person can consult a doctor before taking iron supplements. An athlete can discuss with their trainer or dietician how much iron they need. 

Get an expert advice and order yourself any of our recommended iron supplements. 

Note: Stick to the dose your doctor has recommended, even if you think it’s too high or too low. A medical professional always knows what is best for you. 

What is Chelated Iron?

Chelated mineral supplements like chelated iron are said to have better absorption. In the case of iron, it is bound to an amino acid, like aspartic acid. The extra amino acid protects the mineral from reacting with other substances. As a result, our bodies can do a better job of absorbing the mineral. 

Fortunately, we have many studies to evaluate if chelated versions of minerals are really better than the regular ones. Unfortunately, there is no conclusive evidence. Some studies show chelated forms to be better, while some found them to have no extra benefits. 

So what should you choose?

Well, you can select any iron supplement without worrying about its form. However, chelated iron may be a preferable option if you have a sensitive stomach. Having a chelated iron supplement can prevent the infamous gastrointestinal effects that some people get from iron tablets. So, if you are facing problems with iron supplements, give chelated iron a try. 

We have included both chelated and regular iron supplements in our list. You can choose any form you like without any hassle!

Final Verdict

Iron supplements can be a life savior to a lot of people. We selected only the top products of the line to ensure you never have to complain. All our recommendations are highly rated and earned majorly positive reviews from customers. You can purchase any product from our list without a moment of doubt. Obviously, you are free to do your research just to confirm what we said. 

Additionally, athletes may consider taking multivitamins with an iron supplement. Exercising hard increases the need for nutrients, as we have already seen. You can read our guide to learn how to pick the best multivitamins by clicking here

Let us know if you have any more questions about iron supplements in the comments. We’d love to help you out! Also, remember to check out our FAQ section for common queries on iron supplements. 


What is the best iron supplement?

Quite a few brands stand to be among the best iron supplements. You can check out the iron supplements from Now Foods, Nature’s Bounty, or Carbamide Forte. 

Can I take iron supplements every day?

You can safely take iron supplements every day if you need it. However, you should get a professional advice as iron in excess amounts is toxic. Talk to a doctor or a dietician for recommended doses. 

Should I take iron supplements?

Some people need more iron than a regular person. Examples include people who have anemia, exercise harder, or eat very less animal products. Pregnant women also need more iron. Talk to a doctor and start your iron supplement for safety.

Can iron make you gain weight?

Medical iron therapies may lead to weight gain, as per some sources. But it’s not clear whether iron supplements do the same. Control your diet and refrain from eating excess calories if you are worried about gaining weight. 

When is the best time to take iron supplements?

We absorb iron the best on an empty stomach. However, some people may experience stomach discomfort by taking iron without food. Have your iron supplement in the morning before breakfast if you don’t have a sensitive stomach.

Can iron supplements make my poop black?

Taking iron tablets or pills can turn your poop black. It’s actually harmless and shows your supplement is working. 

How long do iron supplements take to work?

Iron treatment can take up to 6 months to cure iron deficiency. For the regular person, you may be able to feel the results within a few weeks. How much time it will take will depend on your condition. However, don’t take iron supplements for long periods at an end without consulting your physician. 

Can iron supplements help hair grow?

Iron helps your blood carry oxygen to organs and tissues. This also includes your scalp and hair follicles. As a result, you can say iron supports healthy hair growth. But iron will not improve hair fall unless the cause is related to iron deficiency. 

Is 65mg of iron excess than a healthy dose?

The amount of iron you need depends on your medical condition and your lifestyle. 65mg iron per day might be too much for some people while being okay for others. Talk to your physician for a recommended dose based on your health and background. 

Can taking too much iron cause dizziness?

Iron can cause dizziness only when too much of it builds up in your heart. For that, you have to have a medical condition or take unsupervised iron for a long time. Iron supplements, in general, don’t cause dizziness.