Getting the Beta-Alanine Tingles? Here’s How to Stop It

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Do you feel a tingling sensation after taking your pre-workout?

Many pre-workouts create a crawling sensation underneath our skins. Some compare it with itching or pricking of pins. Before you start wondering, let us make things a bit clear. 

Most probably, you have the case of the ever-common pre-workout tingle. And most certainly, you have the beta-alanine tingle or the beta-alanine itch. 

Now that you know the reason, are you thinking if it’s dangerous?

Are you worried about what beta-alanine does to your body?

Let us assure you there’s nothing to fear. Whether you have the itch or tingle, it’s completely harmless. 

Now that you are calm, let’s proceed with our topic. In this post, we will cover everything about the beta-alanine tingle. You will learn-

  • How the beta-alanine tingle feels like
  • How long do beta-alanine tingles last
  • How to stop beta-alanine tingles

How Beta-Alanine Tingles Feel 

Many athletes feel a tingling sensation after taking their pre-workouts that contain beta-alanine. It starts with a sense of itch or crawling underneath your skins.

You may feel the sensation around your shoulders, neck, and around the face. Some people also experience the beta-alanine itch at the back of the palms. 

No matter where you feel the itch, it slowly builds up and stays for a while. 

You know what we are talking about if you have felt the sensation. We hope we are on the same page, and that’s why the explanation of how it feels. 

Next, we will see what is behind the strange phenomenon. 

What Causes These Tingling

Many of you may be fooled into considering the beta-alanine itch as proof of the effectiveness of your supplement.

However, this is not always true. Large doses of creatine may cause tingling, but most pre-workouts contain only a little amount. 

The reason for your sensation is more or less down to beta-alanine. This non-essential amino acid builds endurance and improves athletic performance. However, one of the beta-alanine side effects is the tingling or itching sensation you get.

In medical terms, beta-alanine tingle is known as paraesthesia.

The term may sound complicated, while the phenomenon is not. You have 100% felt paraesthesia multiple times in your life. 

It’s the “pins and needle” feeling you get on your hand after resting your head for too long on it. Or, it’s the feeling you get after sitting cross-legged for half-an-hour. You surely know what we are talking about!

Now, you can get paraesthesia for a number of reasons. The most common reason is the excess pressure put on the nerves. It can also happen due to various diseases and neurological ailments. 

Beta-alanine creates the same kind of feeling when you take it as a supplement.

But exactly why beta-alanine make me itch?

The answer is elusive, and even scientists are not sure. According to studies, the sensation results from the expression of the MrgprD gene in the cutaneous sensory neurons.

The somatosensory system and the peripheral nervous system may also play a role in beta-alanine tingles. The matter is quite complex, and even researchers are still investigating. 

We know the itch is a response of the itch-mediating neurons to beta-alanine. We only don’t know for sure why the response happens. 

Next comes a very important question. Is beta-alanine dangerous?

Are These Tingles Harmful

Most people get uncomfortable when they feel something out-of-the-ordinary. The tingling or itch you get from your supplement may also scare you. Many people even stop taking their pre-workouts for this reason. 

Let us tell you there is absolutely nothing to fear. The beta-alanine itch is completely harmless and won’t affect you negatively. You will never have to go to a doctor or take any medicines. 

In fact, the amino acid supplement is absolutely safe, according to the International Society Of Sports Nutrition. The tingles are just a part of the package and a harmless beta-alanine side effect.

We hope now you can put your worries to rest! 

Next, we will answer another very important question. 

How Long Do Beta-Alanine Tingles Last

The tingle or itch generally sets in 10 – 15-minutes you take your supplement. But don’t worry, you will not feel it for long!

The beta-alanine tingling goes away within 30 – 45 minutes after you down your supplement. That’s the end of it!

How to Stop Beta-Alanine Tingles

Want your beta-alanine tingles to go away?

Well, you just need to wait for a few minutes. After that, your tingle will disappear automatically. 

You may take a few steps to reduce the itching sensation. Try the tips mentioned below-

1. Don’t take all of your supplement at once. Divide the dosage into 2 or 3 parts and take them throughout the day. This will reduce the chances of having tingles.

2. Stick to the recommended dosage of your supplement. You can safely take 4 – 6-grams of beta-alanine every day without any problems. If necessary, divide the dose, as we discussed above.

3. Go for a sustained release supplement formula. Such formulations release the beta-alanine steadily and slowly over a long time to cut out possibilities of itching. 

4. Give yourself some time. Your tingle will most probably go away within a few days of using the supplement. You just need to have patience till your body gets used to the beta-alanine. 

5. Many athletes follow a loading phase when tingles happen more. This should reduce once you get back to your maintenance dosage.

Final Thoughts

Beta-alanine tingles are nothing to be worried about. You get the sensation as a part of taking the supplement.

Most of the time, the itching will die down within 30-minutes of taking your supplement. 

New users of beta-alanine supplements need to give time for their bodies to adjust to the supplement. After that, you have very less chances of feeling the tingles. If you still get the beta-alanine itch, try dividing your doses into smaller parts. 

In the end, remember to drink a lot of water when taking pre-workouts. You will eliminate most risks of having side effects in that way!


How long do beta-alanine tingles last?

Beta-alanine tingles last for 30 – 45 minutes. They subside automatically after some time has passed.

How does beta-alanine make you feel?

Beta-alanine may give you tingles or an itching sensation under the skin. This usually happens 10 – 15-minutes after you take your supplement. The tingles die down after 30 – 45-minutes. You will notice a difference in strength and power after a few weeks.

When should I take beta-alanine?

You can take beta-alanine 20 – 30-minutes before exercising. This will help load your muscles with carnosine. Also, take your supplement regularly, even on rest days.

Does beta-alanine affect kidneys?

Beta-alanine should be safe for your kidneys if you are a healthy person. Take the recommended dosage, and you won’t have to fear about kidney problems. However, people with renal diseases or compromised kidneys should speak with their doctors.

Does beta-alanine increase heart rate?

Beta-alanine doesn’t seem to increase your heart rate. It is hypothesized to increase your physical working capacity that might step up your heart rate a bit. However, there is no cause for concern.