Does Science Back the Use of Biotin for Beard Growth?

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Can biotin make your beard grow?

A recent trend is seeing men getting overly narcissistic about their beards. Everyone now wants to have a long, thick beard to show off their manliness. 

Needless to say, this has landed many men in trouble! After all, we are not equally gifted in the department of healthy facial hair!

For some, beards come naturally. They don’t even need to do anything else than keep your beard in shape. 

But for the rest of us, a lack of facial hair is an everyday event. That’s surely great news for brands that have launched beard-care products to grow beards like a grizzly bear!

Among the various products, the name of biotin has come up for healthy hair growth. Some men have even started taking biotin supplements for a healthy beard.

But does biotin make your beard grow?

The Claims about Biotin and Hair Growth

Biotin is a B vitamin that helps in the breakdown of nutrients to produce energy. Earlier, it was also called vitamin H, where “H” refers to “Haar and Haut,” or German for hair and skin. 

The name implies biotin has a role in improving hair and skin. But can you take biotin for beard growth?

Biotin boosts the production of keratin. This keratin is the fibrous protein that lays the foundation for the development of hair and nails. Claws, horns, feathers, and similar animal parts also need keratin as the structural material.

In theory, a better keratin infrastructure should lead to healthy hair growth. Brands that sell biotin supplements claim the vitamin to help grow a strong and thick beard. 

However, there is a catch! People who make tall claims about biotin say it only strengthens your existing beard growth. Biotin will not make new hair come out of barren patches on your cheek.

Is there any truth to all of this?

Relationship between Biotin and Hair Growth

How is biotin related to hair growth?

People who develop biotin deficiency suffer from hair and skin problems. Among them, hair loss is a very common symptom.

Studies show biotin to be very effective in reversing hair loss. In fact, children with biotin deficiency grew full hair even on bald spots after taking biotin. 

The finding has been echoed in other trials where biotin successfully improved hair growth. 

However, there is one condition for the success of biotin in all studies- a pre-existing deficiency or hair problem!

Biotin clearly helps alleviate hair loss when you have a deficiency of the vitamin. But can biotin help grow beards in healthy men?

Biotin for Beard Growth: What Research Says

To date, no studieshave researched the effects of biotin on beard growth. As a result, we have no direct proof that biotin makes beards grow.

However, let’s not give up hope so early! We will look into the next best thing for evidence- studies on biotin and hair growth. 

Here too, research is really limited. We have only a handful of studies that tested the effects of biotin on hair growth in healthy people.

Healthline mentions only two studies that found biotin to promote hair growth. Incidentally, both studies have been conducted by the same researcher. (You can view the studies here and here) 

What’s more interesting is the studies are funded by a biotin manufacturer called Viviscal. Surely, you should take the results with a pinch of salt. We surely can’t call a study credible when you have profit-motive in the list of intentions. 

Now, let’s take a look at a few studies that found biotin to be ineffective for hair growth. We selected a review journal that investigated 18 cases of biotin use for hair growth. What did the researchers find?

All 18 cases lacked sufficient data to prove any direct benefit of biotin on hair growth. 

Here is another review of 30 articles to prove the unreliability of biotin. The researchers didn’t find a single published study with enough proof to support the use of biotin for hair growth. 

Additionally, the researchers found the majority of earlier evidence to be case reports. They are not controlled, randomized studies at all. Also, most of the cases involved children and infants.

The researchers emphasized the need for further studies to make any positive conclusions on biotin. 

Should You Take Biotin for Beard Growth

Scientific evidence doesn’t show biotin to encourage hair growth in healthy adults. As a result, there is very little chance of getting any actual results from the vitamin. 

You can get benefit from biotin in only one condition- i.e. when you have a deficiency. 

That being said, deficiency of biotin is really rare in humans. In fact, it’s so rare that researchers believe biotin supplementation to be unnecessary for most people.

Moreover, most diets easily fulfill your requirements (20 – 30 micrograms) of biotin. You don’t need to take additional supplements, which can be a waste of money. Biotin is a water-soluble vitamin, and any excess amount our bodies don’t need is excreted. 

So, you can’t increase your biotin levels without restrictions. 

Don’t be sad because biotin turns out ineffective in growing beards. You can do many other things to grow a beard like Gandalf! Before we reveal the secrets, here’s one very important fact on beards!

Beards Mature as You Grow Old

Our infatuation with facial hair starts when we are still boys. By the time you are 17 – 18, you can’t wait to sport a beard and awe all your friends. 

Sadly, that leads us to major disappointments!

Beards take a long time to show their full magnificence. You will only grow a part of your beard when you are in your late teens or early twenties. 

So, have patience. Your beard will keep maturing all through your 30s and 40s. It’s around the same age many men report their peak beard growth. 

Wait out a few more years and see how your beard turns out. Along with that, try the following for maximum beard growth-

  • Get enough sleep, aiming at least 7 – 8-hours per night
  • Eat a proper diet meeting all your nutritional needs
  • Get enough B vitamins, zinc, and iron
  • Always brush gently

Final Thoughts

Biotin may have a lot of other uses than helping you grow beards. We don’t have any significant proof to recommend biotin for growing your beard or hair.

You can look into alternatives like flaxseed oil for shining and beautiful hair. Omega 3 or fish oil can also have beneficial results for hair and skin.

Take proper care of your beard as you do for your hair, and you will soon outshine your earlier years in terms of beard growth. Additionally, it takes anywhere from 3 – 12-months to grow a full beard. So, always have patience. 


Does biotin help beard grow?

Biotin can make your beard grow only when you are biotin deficient. As long as you have healthy levels of biotin, it will not lead to beard growth. Don’t waste your money on biotin supplements as they will not make beard grow for healthy persons.

How much biotin should I take for beard growth?

We need 20 -30-micrograms of biotin per day. You shouldn’t take more than 30-micrograms as our bodies will excrete the excess biotin. However, if your doctor prescribed a dose, then stick to it.

How long does biotin take to make beard grow?

Biotin will not make your beard grow unless you lack healthy levels of biotin. So, you will never get any significant results as science doesn’t support the use of biotin for beard growth. If you are biotin deficient, stick to the period your nutritionist or doctor has suggested. You will get results by the end of that period.

Is it okay to take biotin every day?

If a specialist prescribed biotin every day, then it is okay. Follow their advice and take biotin every day for as long as they are prescribed. Otherwise, you don’t need to take biotin if you aren’t biotin deficient.

Can biotin cause hair loss?

Lack of biotin can cause hair loss, not the other way around. People born with biotin deficiency often suffer from unhealthy hair. So, no, biotin doesn’t cause hair loss.