Consequences of Difference Between Mass Gainer and Weight Gainer

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What’s the difference between mass gainer and weight gainer?

If you are like most of us, you have used the two terms interchangeably many times. Many people also think mass gainer and weight gainer is the same thing. However, they couldn’t be more wrong. 

Today, we will try to give a clear idea of what a mass gainer and weight gainer is. Then we will discuss the differences between both. Also, we will throw in the similarities. 

Armed with our knowledge, you will be able to decide which one you need for your fitness goals. 

Similarities between Mass Gainer and Weight Gainer

Before we discuss the mass gainer and weight gainer’s different, let’s check out the similarities. 

You can be pardoned for confusing between mass gainer and weight gainer. After all, they contain the same ingredients.

Both weight-gaining supplements contain protein, carbs, and fat. However, the ratio of the ingredients varies in each product. 

Another similarity is both help you gain weight. Again, one adds to muscles while the other includes both muscles and fat. 

These are the two similarities between mass gainer and weight gainer. In that sense, a mass gainer is a type of weight gainer. However, a weight gainer is not always a mass gainer. 

Now, let’s move on to the dissimilarities. 

Main Difference Between Mass Gainer and Weight Gainer

Both mass gainers and weight gainers contain the same nutrients but in varying ratios. Let’s see what differences you need to know about-


Mass gainer and weight gainer both provide us with a dose of calories. Mass gainers create a caloric surplus or excess that helps you build muscles. 

Weight gainers, on the other hand, create a caloric overload. They load you up with calories that get stored in your body as fat. Along with that, you also add some muscles. 

The main difference between mass gainer and weight gainer is the dose of calories. Weight gainers provide more calories per dose compared to mass gainers. 


Mass gainers come with high amounts of protein. As a result, your body synthesizes the amino acids in the protein directly to muscles. 

Weight gainers contain less protein than mass gainers. You will add to your muscle mass, but not as much as mass gainers. 


Weight gainers pack a high amount of carbs that help you gain weight. Most of the carb is deposited as fat and increase your weight. 

Mass gainers contain less carbs so that you don’t get fat. So, it’s a misconception that mass gainers make you fat. 


Weight gainers naturally have more fat than mass gainers. This is again, to help you gain weight by increasing your fat stores. 

Summary: The main difference between mass gainer and weight gainer comes down to fat and muscles. Mass gainers only add to muscles, while weight gainers increase your weight by increasing fat and a bit of muscle. 

Now, how does the difference between these two gainers affect your fitness goals?

Who Should Have Mass Gainers

Any person looking to build muscles can go for mass gainers. 

A quality mass-gaining supplement will help you grow muscle mass with proper diet and exercise. You can use our recommended mass gainers to build a muscular body in a short time. 

Note: Don’t take mass gainers and sit idle. That can lead you to get fat. Always follow a regular exercise routine. 

Who Should Take Weight Gainers

Weight gainers are perfect for people who can’t seem to put on weight. You must know someone in your group who eats a lot of junk food but still don’t seem to get fat. These type of people called “hard gainers” are the ideal candidates for weight gainers. 

You see, not all people use nutrients in the same way. A lot depends on our body types. There are 3 types of people according to body type-

  • Endomorph – people who go on a diet but still don’t put on weight. Or, people who gain weight by eating a little. 
  • Mesomorph – people who are generally athletic without needing much exercise. 
  • Ectomorph – people who are skinny and face difficulty in gaining weight. 

The last type of people, ectomorphs, or hard gainers, have a high metabolic rate. As a result, anything they eat doesn’t add to the muscles or fat.

Some people also become hard gainers due to underlying medical conditions. 

If you are an ectomorph, you can go for weight gainers without any worries.

You will be able to gain weight and have healthy body weight. Athletes who are hard gainers can also use weight gainers to bulk up

We hope the main difference between mass gainer and weight gainer is more than clear. You also know which supplement to use for your fitness goals. Now, a few words of caution.

When Not to Take Mass Gainers

If you are a hard gainer, then taking mass gainer may not be the best idea. You should go for weight gainers as they will help you gain weight much faster. 

After you reach a healthy weight, you may switch over to mass gainers for a while to see if they work. 

When Not to Take Weight Gainers

Don’t take weight gainers to build muscles. Unless you are an ectomorph, taking weight gainers will only make you fat! 

The best advice, stay away from weight gainers unless you are a hard gainer. 

Final Thoughts

It’s really crucial to know the difference between mass gainer and weight gainer. Unless you do so, your fitness goals may land up in jeopardy.

We have discussed the difference between these two gainers in quite a bit of detail. We really didn’t want to leave any confusion or misconceptions. 

We hope you now have a clear picture in front of you. Choose a weight gainer if you don’t seem to gain weight and want to increase your weight.  For mass gainers, use them for building muscles. Just remember to combine them with a proper diet and exercise. That’s all for today with our difference between mass gainer and weight gainer post. Stay tuned for more updates!


Do mass gainers make you gain weight?

Mass gainers can add to your weight by growing more lean muscle mass. You won’t have to worry about getting fat as long as you follow an exercise routine. All the increase in weight will come from lean muscles.

Which supplement is best for mass gain?

Mass gainers are best for gaining mass in a quick way. Choose a supplement that provides a caloric excess to build mass. Look for good quality protein like whey to be able to build more mass by working out. You can pick any of our recommended mass gainers for assured results.

Is True Mass a good weight gainer?

True Mass is a good mass gainer, to be more accurate. You can build lean muscles and gain mass by taking the supplement and working out. It comes from a reputed brand and provides good results.

Should I take mass gainer every day?

You can take mass gainer every day to build muscles for a fixed duration. Many bodybuilders use mass gainers during the bulking stage. That being said, don’t take mass gainers for more than 4 – 6-months, unless you are following professional advice.

Does a weight gainer make you fat?

A weight gainer is designed to add weight in the form of fat and muscles. However, you can have control over getting fat by working out and restricting your calorie intake. A weight gainer can make you fat if you don’t exercise and eat a lot of high-calorie foods.

Are weight gainers safe?

Weight gainers contain protein, carbs, and a bit of fat as ingredients. None of them are harmful to us. So, you can take weight gainers without any worries. However, do check out the ingredients to be completely sure before you buy your supplement.