How Biotin May Cause Weight Gain: An Evidence-Based Discussion

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People take biotin for a number of reasons. However, we are not here to talk about that. You are interested in finding out a very specific thing- does biotin make you gain weight?

It’s a vital question you should be asking not only about biotin but about almost any supplement. 

If you look around, you may find many comments where people report biotin to cause weight gain. But are they true?

For starters, biotin helps our body produce energy out of glucose from food. So, it’s a vital B vitamin for a healthy metabolism. 

Now, can something that boosts metabolism add to your weight?

Let’s explore matters in depth!

What Science Says

Biotin is crucial for energy production. According to the National Institute of Health, biotin converts carbs, proteins, and fat from diet into energy. 

In other words, biotin burns fat to produce energy. 

Now, how can something that burns fat lead to weight gain?

To keep things short, biotin doesn’t lead to weight gain. You can ask any doctor, researcher, or even medical students to confirm this fact. 

That being said, the effects of biotin can make you put on weight. What do we mean by that?

Before we give you the answer, we will check what some ladies are saying about our topic. 

Do You Gain Weight while on Biotin?

We stumbled upon an old thread while doing our research. A girl called Amber asked on a beauty care website whether biotin causes weight gain. She was herself on biotin and noticed an increase in weight. 

Lucky for us, many women shared their experience on biotin. And surprisingly, many of them did say they gained weight while taking biotin supplements.

Ashley B. said she gained 12-pounds in just 7 weeks.

Jewyll W. had it worse as she gained 15-pounds in just one week!

Quinn M. took too many biotin pills and put on 10-pounds.

Now, these are real people sharing their real experiences. But how can it be possible? 

When science shows biotin to burn fat, how can some women gain weight instead?

How Biotin May Lead to Weight Gain

We have to thank the ladies once again for providing us an answer that agrees with science. If you read the thread, you will see almost all women saying one thing-

Biotin increases your appetite more than anything!

That’s right! The fairer folk found biotin to take their appetite “through the roof.” Some of them were even surprised to see how much they were eating after starting biotin supplements

This effect of biotin is backed by science. Biotin boosts metabolism using your nutrients to make energy. As a result, you digest food much faster and feel hungry more often.

So, it’s not the biotin that is causing the weight gain. Rather, you gain weight because you increase the amount of food you eat. If you are not watching your calorie intake, you can surely put on a few pounds easily. 

That’s what happened to the ladies in the forum. You get more hungry, you eat more calories, and you add more body fat. 

Additionally, biotin may reduce blood sugar levels as it uses up glucose for energy. The drop in blood sugar leads to cravings and desire to eat. 

So, you have more reasons for putting on weight. 

We hope that explains how biotin makes you gain weight. The vitamin increases your appetite, leading you to eat more and intake more calories. 

And as we all know, our body stores any excess calories as fat. 

Moreover, some women even complained of bloating after taking biotin. One of them said biotin causes water retention and adds to your weight. 

Interestingly, this claim can also be true, according to the Reader’s Digest Canada. Biotin may cause some side effects that include fluid retention. Naturally, the extra fluid in your body will increase your total body weight.

Our discussion shows not one, but three ways in which biotin can cause weight gain-

  1. By increasing your appetite 
  2. By increasing your cravings
  3. By increasing body fluids

Science doesn’t always have a straight answer to every question. Luckily we got your back and did all the work to bring out the truth. 

Next, we will help you use biotin with the least possible weight gain. 

How Not to Gain Weight on Biotin

We will share a few secrets to help you resist the pounds while taking biotin. 

Two ways biotin adds to your weight is by making you hungry and increasing your urge to eat. Now, we don’t recommend you to go hungry. Rather, we suggest you eat mindfully by watching the calories.

When you get the cravings, go for a healthy snack instead of those tempting hot dogs. You can consider fruits, yogurt, smoothies, salads- your choices are surely not limited. Add a bit of apple cider vinegar in your dishes to lose weight naturally.

Along with that, eat a healthy diet with ample protein and nutrients. Protein helps you keep satiated so you don’t get hungry too often. Limit the amount of fat and go for lean cuts of meat.

To counter the fluid retention, drink a lot of water throughout the day. This may sound contradictory, but drinking water can reduce incidents of water retention.  

In the end, exercise a bit to balance the increase in calories due to biotin. 

Tip: You can try fat burners if you want to quickly lose the weight you gained due to biotin. 

Final Thoughts

Biotin can work in many ways to increase weight even if the vitamin doesn’t cause direct weight gain. Most people don’t realize how biotin increases appetite and end up eating more. 

You can follow our tips to prevent weight gain while on biotin. However, don’t expect biotin to magically transform your hair or make it grow more. 

Research doesn’t give enough evidence to support the use of biotin for hair loss. You can only benefit from biotin supplements if you have a deficiency. 

Additionally, biotin seems to cause acne on your face, as many women say. You may be better off with proven hair or nail care products than risking your looks or health. 


Does biotin increase weight?

Biotin doesn’t increase weight directly. However, biotin supplements can increase appetite and cravings. So, you can gain weight by eating more calories than you burn. Additionally, biotin may increase weight by causing fluid retention.

Does biotin cause water retention?

Yes, one side effect of biotin is water retention. You can counter this effect by drinking more water throughout the day while on biotin.

Does biotin make you bloated?

Biotin may cause fluid retention and make you bloated. This is a common effect. Drink more water or talk to your doctor if you are experiencing bloating on biotin.

Does biotin cause hormonal imbalance?

Biotin supplements can cause false-negative of thyroid hormones and affect lab test results. Apart from thyroid, biotin can also influence many other hormones. Take biotin only under professional guidance when you have a valid medical reason.