Do Fat Burner Supplements Keep You Awake at Night?

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You need a good night’s sleep to lose weight. Studies have found sleep to promote fat loss. On the other hand, lack of sleep can slow down our body’s ability to lose fat. Now, let’s come to our main concern – fat burner and sleep disorders. 

Can fat burning supplements make you stay awake at night?

Some people do experience a problem is falling asleep when they take fat burner supplements. A few of them also complain of poor and shortened sleep. 

So, the short answer is yes; your fat loss pills can make it difficult to sleep. 

Today, we will explore the relation between fat burning supplements and sleeping disorders and problems. We will also tell you how to avoid the negative consequences of weight burners for safe fat loss. 

Why Fat Burner May Cause Sleep Problems

The first thing to note is that not everyone will face sleeping problems by taking fat burner supplements. It happens to only a few people who have low tolerances to ingredients in the supplement. Now that is clear, let’s see why you may have difficulty sleeping. 

Fat burner supplements contain many ingredients that can act as stimulants. Caffeine, the most common ingredient, facilitates weight loss and fat-burning. However, it also raises your alertness and delays fatigue. 

Caffeine works in many ways to delay sleep. 

Other ingredients that contain caffeine like green tea extract can also have the same effects. They give you an energy boost like pre-workouts but can negatively affect sleep. We will study the relation between caffeine and sleep to make things a bit more clear for you. 

Do Fat Burner Supplements Keep You Awake at Night?

Can Caffeine Keep You Awake at Nights

Caffeine is the main ingredient in not only fat burners but also for most energy drinks around the world. It is a natural substance derived from coffee beans and other plant sources. It’s also a popular central nervous system stimulant. 

According to the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, caffeine acts like a drug to promote alertness. It has a role as an adenosine receptor deterrent and blocks the adenosine receptor

Now, adenosine is an element in our bodies that induce sleepiness. Caffeine hinders sleep by blocking the adenosine receptor. 

Half of the caffeine we consume leaves our body by 3 to 5 hours. The rest of the caffeine remains in our system for a long time. As a result, you might feel more alert and less sleepy. 

Caffeine can also disrupt sleep through a number of ways-

  • It delays the timing of our physical clocks
  • Increases heart rate
  • Increases sleep latency
  • Reduces sleep quality and quantity

Various studies have noted the detrimental effects of caffeine on sleep. It’s a proven fact now that too much caffeine can indeed cause sleeping problems. 

Other Fat Burner Ingredients and Sleep Problems

Different forms of tea extracts like green tea extract contains caffeine. So they will also lead to sleep issues in some individuals. 

The fat loss supplement may also contain other ingredients that act as stimulants. For instance, Yohimbe, another plant extract, is also a stimulant. According to WebMD, it can also cause a racing heartbeat and keep you awake. Plus, it also leads to sleep problems in other ways. 

Another ingredient, garcinia Cambogia too, may decrease your need for sleep. 

Summary: Various ingredients in fat burning supplements can reduce sleep quality and the time you sleep. Of course, this is not applicable to all individuals. 

Can Taking Fat Burner in the Morning Solve Sleep Problems

Some people wonder if taking fat burner supplements in the morning will help you sleep better. The logic is, if we take the supplement in the morning, then our bodies get enough time to clear the stimulants. 

This logic can be partly true. In the case of caffeine, our bodies take 3 to 5 hours to remove 50% of the caffeine we consume. So if you take your fat loss supplement in the morning, our bodies may get enough time to clear it off. 

However, the effects of caffeine can remain even if you take it during the early afternoon or evening.

American Academy of Sleep Medicine says taking caffeine 6-hours prior to sleeping cuts back total sleeping time by 1 hour.

The effects can be stronger in older folks who take more time to process caffeine. 

Summary: Taking your fat burner in the morning may lessen the effects of the stimulants. 

Do Fat Burner Supplements Keep You Awake at Night?

How to Take Fat Burner Supplements Safely

Wondering how to ward off the sleep-depriving effects of fat burners?

The most effective and easiest way to prevent sleep problems is to follow the dose of your fat burner supplement. Always stick to the recommended dosage and never cross the limit. So, if your supplement says “one serving,” one serving is what you should take. This applies to all sorts of supplements, whether they are fat burner or creatine supplements.

This will help you stay within the safe limits of the stimulants and ward off any detrimental effects. For instance, you should never consume more than 300 to 400mg of caffeine in a single day. 

Summary: There’s a reason for manufacturers to recommend dosage – to keep you safe from adverse effects. So always stick to it!

How to Uncover Stimulants in Your Fat Burner

You should always research the ingredients in your fat burning supplement to determine if they have stimulating properties. A simple Google search of the ingredients will tell you whether they can hamper your sleep. 

Here’s an example of how you can do your research. Let’s say you are trying to ascertain the effects of caffeine on sleep. So-

Open Google

  • Type “Caffeine and sleep problems” or “caffeine side effects” 
  • Browse results from authoritative sources
  • See what they have to say

You can use similar keywords for any ingredient. Just include “sleep problems” with your search phrase. The find out if the ingredient can really keep you awake. 

Do Fat Burner Supplements Keep You Awake at Night?

Final Thoughts

Fat burners may cause sleep disorders or problems in some individuals as they contain stimulants. You can avoid the negative effects by following the recommended dosage of your supplement.

Also, consider your tolerance and avoid supplements that contain ingredients that challenge your tolerance. Along with that, remember to eat a proper diet and exercise. 


Can fat burners cause headaches?

Fat burners don’t have anything to cause headaches. But some specific ingredient may not be turning out too good for your body. For instance, caffeine in fat burners can cause headaches in a few people.

Can fat burners cause liver damage?

We have only one case of liver failure due to fat burners. Even then, the scientists couldn’t single out fat burner as the cause. Most supplements use safe and natural ingredients for peace of mind. If you have a history of liver damage or disease, talk to a doctor before taking a fat burner.

Do fat burners cause anxiety?

Certain stimulants in fat burners may lead to anxiety. Caffeine is a common example that may make people experience anxiety or palpitations. You can buy stimulant-free supplements if you worry about having anxiety.

Do fat burners raise your heart rate?

A fat burner may increase your heart rate by boosting your metabolism. However, this is not a bad thing, as our heart rate increases during exercise. But stop taking your fat burner if you keep having palpitations regularly.

Can fat burners cause a skin rash?

Fat burners are not known to cause skin rashes. But there may be some ingredient n your supplement that is reacting with your skin. Change to a different supplement if the problem continues.