Fat Burners: Fill In the Last Part of Your Weight Loss Equation

“Want to turn yourself into a fat-burning machine? 

Try our extra effective fat burner- One scoop is all it takes to melt away the fat!” 

– XYZ brand.

You must have seen similar ads put out by supplement manufacturers for their fat burners. Maybe you have even tried one and thought, “what a waste of money!”

Fat burners evoke mixed reactions. Some vouch for it, while others recommend staying off the pills.

What is the best step forward?

How We Lose Weight

Nothing can make you lose weight if you decide note to move; or in other words, don’t exercise. 

The secret of losing weight is to burn more calories than you eat. For that, you need to do two things-

  1. Restrict your calorie intake 
  2. Work out

You cannot lose weight without doing the two above things. If you just restrict calories and don’t work out, your body fat won’t go away. You may just put on less weight.

On the other hand, if you eat a lot of calories (more than you burn), even exercising all day won’t reduce weight. 

So, both are crucial to burn fat and lose weight. 

Now, let’s see where fat burners come into the picture. 

The Weight Loss Equation: Where Fat Burners Fit In

You already know we need to eat fewer calories and sweat it out to burn fat. Now, restricting calories or eating a proper diet fulfills 70% of the weight loss process.

Next comes exercise. You can say working out contributes another 20%. So, diet and exercise combined, we can achieve 90% of our weight loss goals. 

Fat burners fill in the remaining 10% to make the weight loss equation work flawlessly.

You can’t lose weight just by taking fat burners. A proper calorie-restrictive diet and exercise are equally essential. 

What to Expect from Fat Burners

We hope you have now set clear expectations from fat burners. They are not magic pills that burn away your fat. 

Rather, fat burners can give you the final push you need to shed the extra kilos. 

Quality fat burners contain ingredients that work in many ways to facilitate weight loss. Once you set your expectations right, you can use fat burners the right way for weight loss. We will be going into details, but first, let’s answer another important question.

Do All Fat Burners Work

Fat burners work, but not all of them. Here, we have to compare fat burners with pre-workouts– that are only as good as the ingredients. 

Fat burners don’t have any specific formula. Manufacturers are free to use any ingredient they wish, including both natural and synthetic ingredients.

As a result, it’s absolutely necessary to research the ingredients of your supplement. Your fat burner will work if it contains ingredients backed by research. 

However, if you buy a supplement with ineffective ingredients, you will mostly be wasting money. Fortunately, we have several trustworthy brands that use natural and evidence-based ingredients for their fat burners. 

Choosing the right fat burner will surely bring results. However, there is one catch!

Results May Vary

Many of us take this warning as a sure-shot red flag. If a product says results may vary, it’s certainly going to be a waste for money.

But for fat burners, this is the norm- results will “always” vary from one person to another. Why?

We are Not the Same

Each of us is different. Our bodies don’t work the same way, even if we have the same organs. That’s what makes us human!

A number of factors decide how much weight you put on and how much you lose

Two people can have the same diet and do the same exercises, yet gain or lose varying weights. 

Some factors that influence weight changes include-

Metabolism: Everyone has a unique metabolism system. We don’t take the same time to digest food or convert fat into energy. The rate of metabolism and similar factors decide how much weight you lose or gain.

Fat absorption and storage: Like metabolism, each of us treat fat differently. Some people may absorb more fat, while others may do the opposite.

Hormones: Hormones, especially the hunger hormones, control our appetite. How hungry or satiated you feel may be a result of hormonal changes beyond your control.

Gut flora: The bacteria in your gut are responsible for a number of things. They can decide whether you are obese or skinny, how you digest fat, and the amount of weight you lose. Each of us has a different microbiome in our intestines that affects how much weight we lose. 

Factors like these always influence the results of fat burners. Just because your friend lost 10 pounds in two weeks doesn’t mean you will experience the same results from the same fat burner.

However, quality fat burners will help you lose weight. But you can’t set a number on how much weight you are going to lose

Still, How Much Weight Can You Lose?

It’s difficult to say exactly how much weight your fat burner will help you lose. A quality supplement may allow you to shed 1 – 3-pounds per week

At the max, you may go lose up to 4-pounds coupled with a proper diet and exercise. 

After this, our bodies hit a plateau where the rate of weight loss goes down. That’s why fat burners are useful for a short course only. 

We have prepared an exclusive report on fat burners to provide you the right information. Click below to learn more. 

Most Common Ingredients Used in Fat Burners

The ins and outs of fat burner ingredients

Remember, we said a fat burner is as good as its ingredients?

Fat burners come with many ingredients that may or may not work. We decided to evaluate some common ingredients to show you the truth. 

Our list covers only a few common ingredients, so do your research for others. Also, we have limited our discussion to results pertaining to fat loss, performance, and bodybuilding. 

Several ingredients in our list have potential health benefits along with weight loss. 

Let’s start with a controversial ingredient found in some fat burners. 

1. L-Carnitine

L-carnitine is a non-essential amino acid that our bodies can make. You will find the compound in many fat burners, while it’s also sold as a separate supplement. 

In theory, L-carnitine should help us burn fat. The amino acid carries long-chain fatty acids to our cell’s mitochondria, which acts as our energy generator. Here the fatty acids are burned and converted into energy. 

L-carnitine even clears metabolism byproducts from our cells. 

What Research Says

Earlier research showed l-carnitine to improve athletic performance and have positive effects on weight loss. Current research, however, is not so encouraging.

Most recent studies don’t find l-carnitine to facilitate weight loss. Researchers argue the reduction in weight to be the effect of working out more due to a boost in energy. 

Additionally, l-carnitine also doesn’t improve athletic performance. You may at best feel more active due to better energy expenses.

Verdict: L-carnitine may not be effective for weight loss.

L-carnitine may have other benefits than facilitating weight loss. Find out how you can use l-carnitine for other purposes by reading our blog below.

Note: You may consider creatine for improving athletic performance. It provides far better gains compared to l-carnitine. 

2. Garcinia Cambogia

Garcinia cambogia is a tropical fruit with many wonders. Found natively in India and Southeast Asia, the fruits are also known as Malabar tamarind. Many studies have evaluated the relation of garcinia and weight loss.

How Garcinia Reduces Weight

The peel of the fruits is rich in hydroxycitric acid (HCA), which can curb your appetite. Scientists think the fruit increases serotonin levels to keep you feeling full. 

The best of all, HCA may have a role in lowering the deposit of fat. It can inhibit the actions of an enzyme called citrate lyase that helps in producing fat. As a result, you put on less weight.

HCA has even been found to lower levels of triglycerides in the blood. Triglycerides are a type of fat found in blood, and garcinia effectively reduces its levels. That means garcinia can help get rid of stored fat.

In one study, participants taking garcinia even got rid of belly fat!

However, not all studies come to the same conclusion. 

Garcinia can help you lose a little bit of weight. It can be a good ingredient when combined with other effective substances in a fat burner.  

Verdict: Garcinia helps you burn fat. 

3. CLA

CLA or conjugated linoleic acid is a popular omega-6 fatty acid. You can find CLA in meat, dairy, and some plant sources. 

Interestingly, CLA is trans fat, albeit a natural one. So you can drop your worries of industrial trans fat that takes a toll on your health. 

In fact, like many omega fatty acids, CLA has a number of benefits.

Quick Weight Loss

CLA can help you lose around 1-kilo per week on an average. Several studies show CLA to cause weight loss that results from burning fat. CLA doesn’t harm your muscles and preserves what you already got. 

Moreover, in animal studies, CLA reduces appetite, breaks down fat, and limit fat production. But if the results apply to humans is not yet proven. 

However, CLA is the most-researched fat loss supplement. So, you can be sure of its safety. 

Improved Body Composition

Some studies found CLA to improve lean body mass, according to MedicalNewsToday. The improvement measures the ratio of fat to body weight for determining the results. 

In other words, CLA may help you improve body composition. 

CLA is a safe ingredient, and you can take up to 6-grams without any side effects. But large doses of CLA are harmful and can cause serious consequences. 

For most of us, it’s not a concern as fat burners don’t contain even 6-grams of CLA. 

Verdict: CLA has modest fat loss results.

4. Yohimbine

Yohimbine is a proven fat burner. The main compound from the Pausinystalia johimbe tree bark in Africa, yohimbine, is effective for short-term fat loss. 

Research is mostly conclusive about the effects of yohimbine. You can expect considerable weight loss, apart from gaining a boost of energy. 

Yohimbine is a stimulant, so not everyone is suited for this herbal supplement. 

How Much Fat Can You Lose

The herbal ingredient from Africa interferes with the functions of the fat cells to promote fat loss. Needless to say, yohimbine has significant effects on your fat loss goals.

 Couple yohimbine with exercise and restrict your diets for wonderful results. 

In one study, yohimbine helped participants lose 1.4-kilos compared to the placebo group. In another research work, elite soccer players could cut down body fat by 1.8% points by taking yohimbine. 

More Energy

Yohimbe has been found to promote the production of nitric oxide or NO during research. As you know, NO is a very popular supplement to promote energy and improve performance

NO widens blood vessels and allows more oxygen and nutrient-rich blood to your muscles. As a result, you get more stamina and endurance to work out intensively. 

NO may even reduce muscle soreness and facilitate recovery. Naturally, you get all these results from yohimbine as it promotes NO production.

Additionally, yohimbine is also a strong aphrodisiac!

However, taking too much yohimbine can be dangerous. Stick to the dosage of your fat burner for best results. 

Verdict: Yohimbe is recognized as a potent fat burner.

5. Caffeine

“One more cup of coffee for the road, one more cup of coffee before I go” – Bob Dylan

Some of us can’t have enough coffee. For those who want to lose weight, that’s surely a good thing. 

Caffeine is one of the most effective fat burning ingredients. It’s so powerful that even a cup of coffee can start burning fat. 

If we dig a bit deep, caffeine helps you lose weight by-

  • Burning more calories
  • Boosting metabolism
  • Releasing stored fat

What Research Says

Research finds caffeine to be a safe and sound solution for melting body fat. A single dose of caffeine starts thermogenesis or the process of burning fat to produce energy

In other words, caffeine increases the metabolic rate to help you burn calories all day long. Studies show caffeine to increase metabolic rate by 3% to 11%.

Along with that, caffeine may even help break down body fat by increasing adrenaline. 

How Much Fat Can You Lose on Caffeine

According to one study, caffeine can increase fat burning by 29%. In another piece of research, the magic ingredient increased the release of stored fat by 30%.

The results of caffeine can be significant. According to Mayocliniccaffeine even suppresses your appetite. 

The combined effects of caffeine can help you lose considerable weight in a short time. You can even maximize your weight loss gains as caffeine helps you work out better. 

Caffeine Boosts Athletic Performance

Scientists agree when we say caffeine improves athletic performance. You are also going to notice a change in your endurance, as caffeine conserves muscle glycogen stores.

As a result, you can-

  • Exercise longer and harder
  • Reduce tiredness
  • Add to your reps and weights

Improved Focus and Alertness

Athletes taking caffeine show better judgment and accuracy. You can improve your focus and concentrate on things on hand. 

Additionally, caffeine can even make workouts feel less tough!

Caffeine is a wonder ingredient and has several other benefits. Read our exclusive blog below to learn why caffeine is the best thing to be in your fat burner.

6. Green Tea Extract

Green tea extract is another proven fat burner. The majority of studies show green tea to aid weight loss, especially during exercise. 

Green tea extract contains caffeine, though in smaller quantities than coffee. So, you can get all the results of caffeine for losing weight quickly. 

Moreover, green tea extract works in other ways to reduce weight. 

Boosts Metabolism

The caffeine in green tea extract is not the only thing to increase your metabolic rate. Antioxidants in green tea, especially epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), can boost your metabolism. 

As a result, your body burns more calories, even at rest. 

A study gave green teat extract to participants and compared results with a group who didn’t take the supplement. The group taking green tea extract-

  • Burned 183 more calories 
  • Lost 3.3-kilos more weight 

Helps Break Down Fat

Green tea stimulates the activity of fat-burning hormones like norepinephrine. Antioxidants like EGCG in green tea help break down fat and release them in the bloodstream. 

Your muscles can then use the free fatty cells to produce energy. 

Reduces Belly Fat

Green tea extract can help you get rid of your harmful visceral or belly fatMany studies prove this effect of green tea and make it ideal for preventing many diseases.

Curbs Appetite

Some evidence suggests green tea extract may even reduce your cravings. It can even limit the amount of fat you absorb from food. However, this result is applicable to animal studies and not tested on humans. 

Burn More Fat During Exercise

Green tea can help you burn more fat while you exercise. It can be a great pre-workout drink to help you lose weight. 

Research also backs the claim. Scientists have found green tea extract to assist fat-burning during exercise

Apart from weight loss, green tea extract can keep you active and focused for working out better. 

Verdict: Green tea extract is a scientifically proven fat burner for the long-term.

7. Forms of Protein

Protein is an essential nutrient that has a positive effect on weight loss. Many weight-loss diets like the keto diet are based on high-protein foods. You can maximize your weight loss efforts by consuming more protein while losing weight. 

You may find various forms of protein in your fat burner to aid weight loss. They may include whey protein, casein, soy protein, or protein from other sources.

Protein acts in a number of ways to help you lose weight-

Curbs Appetite

You feel satiated for a long time when your meal contains sufficient amounts of protein. In fact, protein can reduce the levels of hunger hormones and increase the levels of satiety hormones.

As a result, you eat fewer calories and end up putting less weight. 

Burns Calories

Our digestive systems need to work hard to digest protein. That’s one reason why it makes us feel full. 

Another advantage is the process increases the thermic effect of food (TEF). Or in other words, protein increases our metabolic rate and increases our fat-burning capacity. 

Protein can increase the number of calories you burn even during sleep. 

Prevents Muscle Loss

Protein helps you protect your muscles from wearing away due to exercise. You can conserve your muscles, and even add to lean muscle mass. 

How Much Weight Can You Lose

In one study, protein helped participants burn up to 260 more calories per day. In another trial, participants consuming 30% calories as protein reduce calorie intake by 441 calories per day.

Now, you can imagine how much weight you will be able to lose by avoiding and losing so many calories every day!

Moreover, you can also look forward to reducing your stubborn belly fat.

Verdict: Forms of protein help you lose weight through a number of ways. You can even burn fat just by eating more protein, even at rest.

Whey protein is a great supplement with many uses for bodybuilders and athletes. Read our whole new guide on whey protein to know how it can help achieve your fitness goals. Just click below!

Why Results of Studies Vary

We have mentioned some ingredients that show contradictory results in studies. While one clinical trial finds weight loss results, the next one may not agree with the same.

The results of studies vary due to many reasons. Sometimes the ingredient may not be effective, while at other times, other factors are to blame. Like, sample size, timing of supplements, methodology, and a whole range of factors.

Along with that, you also have the individual differences for weight gain that we discussed. So, don’t get discouraged if a single or two studies find an ingredient ineffective.

If most of the research is positive, you may put the ingredient in your good books.

Benefits and Effectiveness

Get prepared to burn fat

What can you expect from fat burners?

You already have an idea what fat burners can do for you. The results obviously depend on the ingredients, so that’s a big deciding factor.

We will sum up the general benefits of fat burners applicable to most supplements. You can research the ingredients of your supplement and determine the results too. 

1. Lose Fat in a Short Time

Fat burners are effective for the short-term. If you restrict calories and exercise, you will lose more fat than without a supplement. 

Fat burners can help you lose 1 – 2-kilos in a week. This will be an addition to the weight you already lose by burning more calories than you eat.

Fat burners also help you curb appetite and reduce the cravings for unhealthy snacks. Some fat burners even reduce fat storage and increase fat breakdown

Results vary, as you know, based on multiple factors. Still, you may lose up to 3 – 5-kilos every week with your supplement, diet, and workouts.

2. Energy Boost

Most fat burners stimulate metabolism to help your body burn fat for fuel. As your body burns more fat, you get more energy to work out intensively

Along with that, fat burners contain stimulants like caffeine and yohimbe. You can expect an additional dose of power and stamina to lift more weights or do more cardio.

In addition, your muscles develop more stamina as they receive a constant supply of oxygen-rich blood. With improved circulation, you can do more in your limited duration training session. 

All the factors add up to provide a much-needed energy boost for your workouts to lose more weight. 

3. Mental Alertness

Substances like caffeine improve your focus and concentration. If you are an athlete, you will feel a difference in your decision-making and judgments. 

For example, you may be able to hit more sixes by timing your shots perfectly with the ball. Or, maybe you will be better at passing the ball at the right moment to score a goal. 

4. Less Fatigue

More energy automatically translates to less tiredness. Apart from that, you can conserve muscle glycogen and keep fatigue at bay for a longer time

Ingredients like caffeine even reduce mental and physical fatigue. Your exercises also feel less challenging, allowing you to continue on. 

Everything combines to power a great workout for more weight loss.

5. Preserve Lean Muscle

Different forms of protein in fat burners protect your muscles. You may even be able to add lean muscle mass and improve your body composition. 

Additionally, proteins reduce muscle breakdown and muscle damage to a great extent. 

Tip: You can pair your fat burner with BCAAs to build muscles and strength. Find out how you can fulfill your fitness goals using BCAAs to aid your fat loss. 

Fat burners can be the ideal companion for reducing weight. You can add fat burners to your routine for the duration you aim to focus on burning fat. That could be a few weeks to a few months, based on your goals. 

However, don’t keep on taking fat burners for a long time. Your body would just get used to the ingredients and hit a plateau of reduced weight loss. 

Best Way to Take Fat Burners

How to lose maximum weight with fat burners

We keep saying this again and again- all supplements have some rules to maximize the results. The same is applicable for fat burners. 

How you time your dose can have a significant effect on the results. 

We will explore various purposes and the best time to take fat burners. 

How to Take Fat Burners for Best Results

The best way to get the desired results from your fat burner is to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations. 

If your supplement says one scoop per day, stick to it. Don’t take more than the recommended dose as it might lead to adverse effects.

Your supplement will probably mention the timing too. Follow the suggested timing to get the most out of your fat burner. 

Next, we will check out the best timing for fat burners according to your goals. 

1. For More Energy or Improved Performance

Many athletes use fat burners to get the kick to power their workouts. You can take your fat burner 20 – 30-minutes before training to get more energy or boost performance. 

The ingredients like caffeine take around half an hour to show effects. So, time your supplement around your workouts for more stamina. 

2. For Curbing Appetite

Some fat burners keep you feeling full and reduce your appetite. If that is your goal, take your fat burner when you are likely to feel the most hungry. 

For most people, that works out to be 30 – 40-minutes before meals. 

You can even take your fat burner between meals to keep feeling satiated for a long time. 

3. For General Weight Loss

Most fat burners boost your metabolism to burn more calories. One good strategy to maximize the weight loss from your fat burner is to have your supplement in the morning.

Our metabolism runs at a low pace when we sleep. After we wake up, your body takes considerable time to switch into the normal rate of metabolism. 

Having your fat burner 30-mins before breakfast can kickstart your metabolism as you wake up. You switch your body into fat-burning mode the first thing in the morning. 

It could also be a great way to keep your appetite in control throughout the day. 

How to Get Best Results from Fat Burner

Along with timing, keep the following in mind to maximize your fat loss results-

Drink enough water: Drink a lot of water throughout the day when you take fat burners. You will need to keep yourself hydrated and make up for all the sweat due to boosted metabolism. 

Also, drink a glass of water with your fat burner. Water itself can increase metabolism and even aid fat loss. 

Eat adequate protein: Consume enough protein to support your weight loss. Additionally, protein will help you protect your muscles.

Aim to eat at least 20 – 25-grams protein per meal.

Cycle your fat burner: Our body gets used to the ingredients of the fat burner after some time. That’s why it’s essential to cycle your supplement to keep losing fat. 

Also, your body will develop tolerance to stimulants in the fat burner as you do for caffeine. You will hit a plateau, and the rate of weight loss will take a downturn. 

  • Take your fat burner for 2 – 4-weeks
  • Give a break of 2-weeks
  • Repeat the cycle

Use for short-term: Fat burners are suited for short-term use only. Take your supplement to fulfill your goals and then give it a stop. 

Don’t take your fat burner for more than a few months at one go. 

Sleep adequately: You should get at least 8-hours of sleep per night. Lack of sleep will only make you tired and add back the kilos you lose. 

Sleep and fat loss go hand-in-hand. You can’t lose weight by compromising sleep. 

Additionally, you need enough sleep to protect and heal your muscles. 

Follow the above tips to lose weight like a pro using your fat burner. 

How to Choose Fat Burner Based on Your Profile

Which type of fat burner is right for you?

We discussed how each of us is different when it comes to putting on or losing weight. In the same way, we differ in a lot of things-

  • History of illnesses
  • Medicines we take
  • Issues with health
  • Level of activeness

We could go on and on. And after all of these factors, you have your own needs and fitness goals. 

Unfortunately, you need to consider all of these factors to choose the right fat burner. You can’t just pick a supplement off the shelves without considering where you stand. 

We have different types of fat burners in the market that work in different ways to reduce weight. You need to know the implications of each type. Then you have to pitch your needs and the factors above against each type to know what is the right option.

Fortunately, we are here to make things easy for you. We will discuss each type of fat burners in the market and the main points of consideration.

We will empower you with the right information so that you can make your own decisions. 

1. Thermogenic Fat Burner

Fat burners that induce the process of thermogenesis are most common in the market. They boost your metabolism and rev up the process of burning calories.

As a result, your body uses stored fat to produce energy.

The warmth you feel after having fat burners is due to thermogenesis. It also shows your fat burner is working.

One point to note about thermogenic fat burners is the presence of stimulants. You will find ingredients like caffeine and yohimbine that boost your energy. 

For this reason, people with heart diseases, hypertension, or anxiety should try to avoid thermogenic fat burners. You may experience anxiety, palpitations, and a racing heart.

Verdict: Thermogenic fat burners are safe for healthy folks to lose weight in a short time. 

2. Appetite Curbing Fat Burners

These fat burners suppress your hunger by using ingredients like protein. You feel satiated for a long time and avoid eating unnecessary calories.

Appetite-curbing weight loss supplements increase the levels of satiety hormones while reducing hunger hormones. 

Verdict: Good for supporting your weight loss goals. Be sure to fulfill your nutritional needs as you are likely to feel less hungry.

3. Carb Blockers

Our bodies use carbs as a ready source of energy. However, we tend to store extra carbs as fat. If you could eat fewer carbs, your body will also store less fat.

Carb blockers inhibit our body’s ability to absorb carbs. They leave your system without getting converted to fat.  

Verdict: Passive form of weight loss for moderate results.

4. Hormone Regulating Fat Burners

Hormones play a part in losing and gaining weight. You can put on or lose weight just due to hormonal changes in your body. 

Take the thyroid disease, for example. The hormones produced by the thyroid gland control metabolism. A lack or excess of thyroid hormones impacts metabolism, and resultant reduction or weight gain.

Hormone regulating fat burners balance your hormones to discourage fat build-up. Some of them also target cortisol, which can lead to weight gain.

Verdict: Ideal for people with hormonal misbalances to lose weight. 

5. Stimulant Free Fat Burners

Do you suffer from anxiety or heart ailments?

If you do, stimulant-free fat burners may be your solution for safe weight loss. These fat burners don’t contain stimulating ingredients like yohimbe or caffeine. 

As a result, you can have them without feeling any jitters, excitement, or rush. You can take these supplements without worries, even if you have hypertension.

Verdict: A safe way to cut down fat for specific types of people. 

How to Select the Right Fat Burner for Your Needs

We have so many fat burners, how to choose the right one?

Now comes the final task of choosing a fat burner as per your needs and fitness goals. With so many fat burners out there, the job seems really challenging. 

But not in reality!

You see, most fat burners work in multiple ways to reduce weight. Any weight loss supplement will contain different ingredients that do all of the above. 

So, a thermogenic fat burner will contain ingredients that suppress hunger. You may also have something to block the carbs.

Most of the time, you don’t even need to worry unless you have specific conditions. For example, if you have anxiety, you should choose stimulant-free fat burners. Want to lose weight quickly? – Go for thermogenic fat burners unless you have a history of heart diseases.

Things are that simple! 

Most manufacturers try to use different ingredients that work on different levels to reduce fat. So, unless you have any health concerns, a good fat burner is all you need. 

Of course, you need to research the ingredients to know if the supplement works. We will cover how to buy the best fat burner later on. 

For now, we will leave you with a detailed takedown on what we just discussed. Just click below just in case you are hungry for more information.

Side Effects and Drawbacks

Are fat burners always safe?

Fat burners may have a few side effects for certain types of people. The leading cause of side effects can be tied down to the stimulants in fat burners. If you have a medical condition, stimulants may cause unwanted effects. 

Common side effects of weight loss supplements include-

  • Headaches
  • Anxiety
  • High blood pressure
  • Strokes and seizures
  • Liver Damage
  • Sleep problems

Out of all the side effects, people mostly worry about the last one. So, let’s explore the concern in a bit more detail.

Fat Burners and Difficulty Sleeping

Stimulants in fat burners can make you toss and turn in bed. Caffeine is the main culprit that interferes with your sleep duration and quality. 

Interestingly, caffeine is present in ingredients like green tea extract. Research shows caffeine to reduce sleep duration by 1-hour when you take 6-hours before bed.

That makes sense as caffeine stays in our body for a long time. Other ingredients like yohimbe can also add in to rob your nightly winks. 

Sleep is important for those who train or visit the gym. Unless you get adequate sleep, you won’t heal properly and will face a downturn in performance.

Will Taking Fat Burner in the Morning Help

Giving adequate time for the stimulants to leave your body is a good strategy to avoid sleep problems. You can take your fat burner in the morning if you work out in the day.

Generally, stimulants won’t interfere with your sleep if you give at least 5 – 6-hours gap from bedtime. 

You may even have your weight loss supplement early evening to wear off the effects before you sleep. 

Will Every One Experience Sleepless Nights

While fat burners may cause sleep problems, most of us don’t need to worry.

If you can sleep peacefully even after an evening cup of coffee, fat burners won’t harm your sleep. It’s only people who are sensitive to caffeine, or stimulants in general, who should practice caution. 

You can go for stimulant-free supplements or take your fat burner during the day. 

Click below to read more on how to handle fat burners without ruining your sleep.

How to Take Fat Burners Safely

One simple rule can help you avoid all negative effects and discomforts from weight loss supplements-

Follow the recommended dose!

All of us can handle a bit of stimulants without any adverse consequences. The manufacturer of your supplement knows the optimal amount you need to get the best results. 

So, don’t go overboard with the dosage, and forget worrying about side effects.

Another good strategy is to start with a conservative dose. You can, say, take half the dose and see how you feel. 

If everything is okay, you can proceed with the full dose. 

Additionally, follow the tips we discussed in the Best Way to Have Your Fat Burner section. Here’s a quick recap so you don’t have to scroll-

  • Cycle your supplement
  • Take fat burners only for a short period
  • Exercise and eat right
  • Drink a lot of water

Researching the ingredients will also tell you if you need to worry about any side effects.

The Best Fat Burner Buying Guide

How to find the best-quality fat burner

We already taught you how to choose the right fat burner for your profile. Now, we will see how you can have the best product in your hands.

Let’s say you have chosen a thermogenic fat burner after analyzing your needs and fitness goals. Congrats!

Now, let’s find out how to make sure it’s really going to work.

1. Research the Ingredients

This is the most basic yet most important step in choosing any supplement. Unless you know what the ingredients do, how can you be sure of results!

  • So, first of all, locate the list of ingredients on the label. 
  • Then take to Google, and type in each ingredient. 
  • You will see a number of resources with the information you need.
  • Check out a few websites from the search result.
  • Try to gather information from sources that provide evidence and links to studies, journals, and clinical trials.
  • Repeat the process for each ingredient.

By the end of your research, you will know what each ingredient does and if it has any side effects. Based on your findings, you can judge if your supplement will work or not. 

If most ingredients show positive results with scientific evidence, then you have made the right choice.

2. Research the Brand/Manufacturer

Most of the tough work is over. Now, you are just a few more steps from zeroing in on the best fat burner. 

Let’s say a fat burner passes the ingredients test (the step above). Next, you will need to make sure you are buying from a trustworthy brand. 

The first thing to check out is the company website. Look for signs that spell credibility and trust (certifications, media mentions, so on).

Take a look at the “About us” section. Do they say natural ingredients? How many years is the brand doing business? Is there detailed contact information?

Along with the website, check some online reviews of both your supplement and the brand. Do you find too many negative reviews? That might want you to do your research more closely. 

The last thing is to check the label of the supplement for things like-

  • Full disclosure on ingredients
  • Third-party testing
  • FSSAI or similar certifications
  • No banned substances
  • Country of manufacture and date

If everything seems okay, place your order with complete peace of mind. Along with that, check out a few more considerations.

3. Natural or Synthetic

You will find fat burners that use only natural ingredients. All ingredients come from nature and you don’t have any artificial substances. 

On the other hand, you can also buy supplements with synthetic ingredients. They are made in the lab from synthetic compounds. However, being synthetic doesn’t mean a supplement is harmful. 

Still, we can’t deny one thing.

Anything natural will have fewer side effects or risks of causing adverse effects. So, it’s always best to stick with natural fat burners to eliminate all apprehensions. 

4. Form

Fat burners are available as pills, powder, and capsules. You can choose any form you want without any concerns. 

Convenience may be a factor while choosing the form of your weight loss supplement. You can easily gulp down pills, while you need to mix powder supplements with water.

Some people even combine fat-burning supplements with whey protein for building lean muscles.

5. Price

Cost is not always a marker of quality in the supplement world. You can find value for money even from supplements from unpopular brands. 

Don’t go by price to select your fat burner. If everything ticks the boxes till now, you can even buy a cheap supplement that provides good results.

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Best Fat Burners in India

Supplements for guaranteed weight loss

We have laid out the whole process you need to follow to pick the best fat burners. Many people already followed our guide and selected the best fat burner for their needs.

However, the job requires a lot of hours of your precious time. You will need to search every ingredient, check the results, side effects, research the brand, check out reviews…you get the hint!

The whole task can even take days and a lot of your attention and effort. 

We know not everyone is up for the job! Some of us are quite lazy and only come in form before hitting the gym. 

We understand your lack of energy. But, surely, that shouldn’t lead you to buy the wrong fat burner. 

Not only will it be a waste of money, but the wrong supplement can also wreck your health. 

Thankfully, we are here to help you once again! 

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Q. Are fat burners really required to lose weight?

Answer:  You don’t need any supplements to lose weight. You will reduce fat automatically if you can successfully burn more calories than you eat.

However, not all of us can follow a proper diet or restrict calories. Additionally, some people may want to lose weight quickly.

In such cases, fat burners can give you the extra push to burn more fat. You can fill in the last part of the weight-loss equation, and use fat burners as a catalyst to maximize weight loss results.

Nonetheless, you will need to exercise regularly. Fat burners won’t help you lose weight if you sit idle all day long.

Q. Do fat burning tablets have side effects?

Answer:  Fat burners contain stimulants that may cause side effects. You may experience headaches, anxiety, racing heart, or even seizures. 

People who are sensitive to stimulants or suffer from hypertension are more prone to side effects. Heart diseases may also increase the risk of side effects like strokes. Large doses may even cause liver damage.

Always follow the recommended dose to eliminate risks of side effects. 

Q. Can hypothyroid patients take fat burners to lose weight?

Answer:  A deficit of thyroid hormones or hypothyroid can lead to weight gain. However, that weight gain shouldn’t be more than 2 – 4-kilos if it’s due to hormonal imbalances.

As it is, fat burners shouldn’t cause a problem in hypothyroid. You may even try a thyroid-regulating weight loss supplement to normalize your thyroid hormone levels.

That being said, it’s always best to speak with your doctor before taking any supplement if you have a medical condition. He will be able to guide you on the right and safest path.

Q. Do fat burners burn muscle too?

Answer:  Fat burners don’t contain ingredients that cause muscle damage. They are designed to burn fat, not muscles. So, you don’t need to worry about muscle loss while taking fat burners.

However, your muscles may get damaged due to exercising or lifting weights. That, too, is a natural part of exercising and growing muscles. 

You shouldn’t really worry if you don’t have any visible signs of muscle loss or symptoms like extended muscle soreness or pain. At times, some underlying causes like lack of protein may cause muscle loss. 

Speak to a doctor or your trainer if muscle loss becomes a problem for you.

Q. Do fat burners help on a ketogenic diet?

Answer:  Keto diet is one of the best diets to lose weight. You need to eat a lot of protein while restricting your carbs and fats. 

Keto diets and fat burners can blend well together. In fact, you may even be able to lose more weight in less time. 

Keto is a healthy diet that doesn’t compromise on nutrition. Pairing a keto diet with fat burners and working out is a good way to go.

Q. Does a fat burner affect the liver?

Answer:  Ingredients in fat burners may turn counterproductive due to many reasons. The most common among them is taking more than the recommended dose. 

If you take too much fat burner, you may be putting your liver at risk. Even natural ingredients like green tea extract can cause harm if you surpass the safe limit.

So, always follow the dose suggested by the manufacturer. Additionally, use fat burners only for a short period to achieve your weight loss goals. 

Q. Does black coffee work as a fat burner?

Answer:  Coffee or caffeine has potent weight loss properties. You can find caffeine in most fat burners to boost energy and burn fat. 

A single cup of black coffee is also loaded with weight loss benefits. However, one cup of coffee may not be adequate to provide the best results.

Fat burners generally contain more caffeine in a single dose compared to a cup of coffee. So, you may need to drink many cups to get the same results you get from one serving of your fat burner. 

That’s why it’s better to take fat burners than drink endless cups of black coffee!

Q. Can I take a fat burner at night?

Answer:  You can go ahead and take fat burners at night if the instructions mention so. Else, having fat burners at night is not such a good idea. You may experience difficulty sleeping and even hamper your quality of sleep.

Always give a gap of 5 – 6-hours between taking your fat burner and bedtime. This will give enough time to your body to eliminate stimulants like caffeine.

You can also take your weight loss supplement during the day for a peaceful night’s sleep.

Q. Can I take a fat burner after workouts?

Answer:  Fat burners prepare you to lose weight. They contain ingredients that boost your metabolism and energy. Substances like caffeine even improve focus and mental alertness.

For these reasons, the best time to take fat burners is before workouts. 

You may take your fat burner after workouts without any adverse effects. But you will not be able to maximize the results of your weight loss supplement. You may not even be able to lose as much weight as you desire.

So, take your fat burner before exercising to burn most fat.

Q. Can I use a fat burner as a pre-workout supplement?

Answer:  Pre-workout supplements provide more stamina and strength to work out. They may even have ingredients to promote protein synthesis and facilitate recovery.

Fat burners can act in similar ways, even though they are meant for a different purpose. The stimulants in fat burners will provide some energy and motivation. 

However, using fat burners as pre-workouts is not smart. Go for pre-workouts if your goal is to build stamina and muscles. 

On the other hand, take fat burners if you want to reduce weight. Don’t mix up the two!