HGH-X2 Review: A Closer Look at the Real Results of CrazyBulk Legal Steroid

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No matter what people say, CrazyBulk legal steroids are popular! The internet is full of high and mighty claims, including the product page on the CrazyBulk website.

Like all bodybuilders, you must also want to build muscles fast.

But can you really build muscles with HGH-X2?

Would it give you the bulk you desire?

HGH-X2 is meant to provide the results of HGH or human growth hormone steroids. You can even get HGH injections for the treatment of some diseases, which is a steroid.  

Without a doubt, HGH is an important hormone for human growth and development. Among the many roles, it plays in the body, adding muscle mass is quite significant. 

But did CrazyBulk succeed in replicating the results of HGH?

Let’s find out in our HGH-X2 review!

What HGH Injections Do

Growth hormones made by our pituitary glands play a big part in ensuring cell growth and metabolism. The hormone is a type of protein with 190 amino acids made by somatotrophs. For this, the hormone is also called Somatotropin.

HGH’s two functions are important for bodybuilders-


1. The growth hormone is a major driver of muscle growth. It stimulates protein synthesis and helps our muscles absorb more amino acids. 

HGH even activates protein anabolism in different tissues. 

2. Human growth hormone boosts your metabolism. It helps you burn fat to produce energy. That means the hormone is key for weight loss and staying active. 

HGH is available as injections for medical purposes. Many bodybuilders also take synthetic HGH for building muscle and improving performance. 

Sadly, such athletic uses have no scientific evidence. On the contrary, you have a number of adverse effects that include joint pain and fluid retention. 

The HGH steroid is suited for medical conditions, according to the Endocrine Society.

However, don’t be discouraged by the ineffectiveness of HGH steroids. We are here for HGH-X2 review, remember?

So, let’s see what it actually is. 

What is HGH-X2

Simply put, HGH-X2 is a bodybuilding supplement. We have several names for it- legal steroids, natural steroids, steroid alternatives, but that doesn’t matter much.

CrazyBulk categorizes the supplement under the “Bulking” section, indicating the mass-gaining properties. 

CrazyBulk says HGH-X2 works by increasing the production of your growth hormones. As a result, you get more energy, burn fat, and recover better. 


1000+ Customer Reviews

The supplement comes with four ingredients-

  • Maca root
  • Hawthorne berry extract
  • Mucuna pruriens
  • L-arginine

The ingredients are all natural, and you don’t have any harmful chemicals. But do they stimulate your pituitary gland to produce more HGH?

We will soon uncover the reality with our ingredients research. 

A Closer Look at HGH-X2 Ingredients

1. Maca Root

Maca is a mystique plant from Peru used for years in traditional medicine. Among widely reported benefits, the extracts of the plant enhance your libido. 

However, Maca doesn’t increase testosterone in humans. Instead, it has quite a few wonderful benefits for athletes. 


Builds Endurance

In some studies, Maca boosted energy that resulted in improved performance. In one of them, cyclists were able to perform better by taking Maca on 40-km time trials. 

The research is still limited but somewhat promising. 

Adapt to Stress

Maca can assist us in adapting to situations of stress. It can also be useful to relieve depression and anxiety.

As a result, the extracts of the root may aid in recovery.

Better Recoveries

Maca is rich in nutrients like muscle-friendly nutrients like potassium. You also have other minerals, amino acids, and vitamins. 

Additionally, magnesium helps in optimum muscle function and reduces cramps and muscle soreness. It works by relaxing your muscles and eliminating lactic acid. 

Surely, that’s going to make a difference to your recoveries. You can even count on Maca’s antioxidant properties to reduce cell damage.

2. Hawthorne Berry Extract

As evident from the name, Hawthorne is a berry found in Asia, Europe, and US. The berries have a strong place in the pages of history for treating heart conditions. 

Indeed, Hawthorne is super beneficial for the heart. The berries can promote a healthy heart and improve coronary blood flow. Along with that, Hawthorne nourishes the heart and protects it from damage. 


The berries even act like adaptogens and help our bodies adapt to stressful conditions. 

Now let’s see how Hawthorne makes you achieve your fitness goals. 

Improved Circulation

We already talked about the amazing benefits of Hawthorne for your heart. The berries improve blood flow and increase the output of your heart. 

As a result, you pump more blood to your muscles, carrying nutrients and oxygen. That gives you more pumps to lift more weights or push through two more laps. 

You also have a strong heart ready to support your intensive training sessions. 

Quicker Recoveries

Hawthorne has potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. In animal studies, the berries reduced significant levels of inflammation markers

Additionally, the berries act as antioxidants and promote cell health. 

What do all of these add up to?

You can expect a much shorter time to recover from rough exercise routines. Along with that, your muscle pain and soreness can reduce to a great extent. 

Moreover, you can even relive fatigue due to Hawthorne’s adaptogen properties. 

3. Mucuna Pruriens

Mucuna pruriens is found in Asia and Africa, and called Atmagupta in Sanskrit. Mucuna pruriens is a wonderful ingredient and fulfills the claims of HGH-X2. 

The legume boosts the production of dopamine and reduces levels of cortisol. The extract of the plant can even improve infertility in men and improve sperm quality. 


But what does Mucuna do for you?

Boosts Growth Hormones

Dopamine stimulates the production of HGH by our pituitary glands. This is proved by science and accepted by the research community. 

Naturally, a boost in growth hormones means more maximum muscle growth and recovery. You can also look forward to gaining extra strength. 

This is also the first ingredient that directly stimulates the release of HGH, as claimed by CrazyBulk.

Increase in Testosterone

Mucuna pruriens is a great libido enhancer. Human studies show the herb to increase testosterone in infertile men

More testosterone in your blood means more lean muscle mass and strength. You can count in potential fat-loss benefits too!

Ultimately, testosterone even increases levels of growth hormone. 

However, we don’t have any studies to determine if Mucuna increases testosterone in fertile men. So, we have to wait for more research to confirm the results.

4. L-Arginine

L-arginine is an amino acid and the second ingredient to increase growth hormones. Apart from that, the non-essential amino acid has a few key benefits for bodybuilders and athletes. 


Produces More Nitric Oxide

L-arginine stimulates the production of nitric oxide or NO. You must have seen bodybuilders get crazy about NO when they talk about increasing pumps. 

We have enough proof to say l-arginine increases synthesis and bioavailability of NO. As a result, you get-

Improved Circulation

NO relaxes and widens blood vessels to allow more blood to reach your muscles. You can get the extra pumps as your muscles receive more oxygen and nutrients.

Naturally, you can add to your weights and gain maximum benefits from your gym sessions.

Improved Stamina and Performance

NO is the secret to improve your performance and develop endurance. You can even expect an increase in stamina as NO stimulates the actions of energy-producing mitochondria

Even studies show NO to enhance performance and make exercise seem easier. 

Less Muscle Soreness

NO may clear toxins from muscles that are produced during exercise, like ammonia and lactic acid. Alongside, NO delivers more oxygen and nutrients to muscles.

As a result, your muscle soreness and pains may go down. 

More Lean Mass

L-arginine directly increases the levels of HGH. In studies, the amino acid increased resting growth hormone levels by 100%. Coupled with exercise, you can get really wonderful results and develop lean mass. 

Extra Energy

L-arginine helps in the synthesis of creatine. As some of you may know, creatine helps our muscles to produce more ATP, which is used to fuel our physical actions. 

Creatine supplements help you generate more energy and stamina. As l-arginine boosts creatine production, you can get a boost of energy for working out longer and harder. 

PS While l-arginine increases growth hormones by 100%, exercise boosts HGH levels by 300 – 500%. So, exercising is always a key necessity to add muscle mass. 

Well, our analysis of ingredients is over with l-arginine. Next, we will find out the overall results you can expect from HGH-X2. Hold on to your breath as we will soon see if the claims of CrazyBulk are true or not!

HGH-X2 Guaranteed Results

How do the ingredients in HGH-X2 add up? 

Here are what you can get from the supplement, based on the scientifically proven results of the ingredients-

Increase Growth Hormone Levels

HGH-X2 is one of the very few natural supplements that actually increase your HGH levels. You can give a boost to your anabolic hormone and create a muscle-building friendly environment inside your body. 

The genius lies in choosing the right combination of ingredients that work to boost your growth hormones. In HGH-X2, mucuna pruriens and l-arginine do a good job of ensuring you add lean muscle mass. 

You can even feel a change in your strength for the better.

More Pumps and Endurance

HGH-X2 works in many ways to build your stamina and endurance-

  • The adaptogens help you deal with stressful conditions
  • Ingredients like Maca root and mucuna pruriens build endurance
  • More NO leads to more pumps
  • A boost in HGH leads to more muscle strength
  • L-arginine boosts creatine levels to produce more energy

You are surely going to notice a difference in your energy levels. Additionally, you will be able to improve performance. 

Build Fuller Muscles

The release of more HGH is surely a way to add to your muscle mass. 

Along with that, you can work out intensively to build more muscles as HGH-X2 increases endurance, stamina, and energy. 

Overall, you can expect quick muscle gains within a month of use. 

Improved Recoveries

Maca root, Hawthorne berry, and mucuna combine to facilitate faster and improved recoveries. You can get less tired and push on longer for maximum gains. 

Additionally, your muscle soreness, cramps, and stiffness can even reduce with HGH-X2. Add the supplement to your routine to get back on your feet faster after rigorous exercising. 

That brings us to the end of HGH-X2 benefits. Now it’s time for a quick verdict. 


1000+ Customer Reviews
  • Increase Growth Hormone Levels
  • More Pumps and Endurance
  • Build Fuller Muscles
  • Improved Recoveries
  • Increased Muscle to Fat Ratio
  • Rapid Results Within 30 Day

Final Thoughts

As per our analysis, CrazyBulk HGH-X2 is able to satisfy most of its claims. You saw in our HGH-X2 review how the supplement boosts your growth hormones. Along with that, you can develop muscle strength and endurance.

The extra kick and pump result in intensive training, making way for bold and beautiful muscles. You can even quicken your recoveries and reduce incidents of muscle soreness. 

We say HGH-X2 is a great supplement to build muscles and fuel your workouts. Nothing works better to add lean mass, maintain weight, and build strength.