How to make whey protein at home for bodybuilding

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You take time out from your backbreaking schedule for a solid workout. You never skip meals. You have stopped eating outside and you spend your days with a positive mind.

You ticked all the checkboxes that are generally used to mark a fit and healthy body. Yet, it seems to fall short.

What must be missing? Those extra kilos don’t seem to budge! 

This is where we come in. We have the best solution to gain lean muscle mass and burn those extra calories!

The truth is, your body needs to convert the extra fat into energy. Only then would that extra fat burn and give you a body shape that you could be proud of. 

Whey protein is the perfect answer to this endless loop of disappointment.

But why whey protein?

It’s an excellent source of all the amino acids which aren’t present in normal protein foods. Also, it helps our bodies break down the fat and convert it into energy.

Coupled with this, proper exercise drastically helps us gain lean muscle weight. Whey protein caters to the overall development of our body and not a myopic vision of catering only to the muscles.

If you know more information about then read this article “What is Whey Protein? How is made? Types & Benefits. hear explaining details about whey.

The fact that it is one of the most efficient sources of muscle growth calls for its sky-high prices.

But here’s the good news! It’s a cakewalk to make whey protein supplementation at home. 

It’s okay! We understand. It’s too much good news in a single post. We don’t ask you to believe us. Just read on. We are here to solve all your queries!

Before going into the making of whey, let’s answer a crucial question first.

Why is it necessary to build whey protein at home when you can quickly get it in the store?

Whey protein supplements are way too costly. Homemade whey powder contains all the essential amino acids, without the presence of any extra chemical used in the processing in industries.

You have total control over each component of the final product and thereby increase the chances of a quality protein diet for your body.

Without any further ado, let’s move on to the creation procedure of the protein. Trust us, it’s effortless, and it would cost you less than 1000 bucks.

Step by step guide to making whey supplement at home

The best way to gain muscle mass without any side effects is to ensure that no extra chemical is added to the mixture while maximizing your protein intake. You can provide this only by making it at home.

We have provided a detailed step-by-step process to make a solution of Whey protein at home. It only seems complicated, but once you start with the process, it’s a cakewalk.


Milk comprises 27% protein. Its protein constituent is 80% casein and 20% whey. You got to segregating this 20% whey from the mixture, which is the main deal here.

You can easily make it by separating the cheese from the water. This residual water is, in essence, the high-quality whey supplement. Let’s go through the steps in detail.

1. Take any milk products like yogurt, curd, cottage cheese, or buttermilk. We chose curd because that’s the most available in India, and its natural ingredients make the least possible harm to your body. For other milk products, the process is the same.

2. Take an empty bowl and place a strainer or a sieve over it.

3. Next, place a muslin cloth or a double-lined paper towel on the sieve (the filter).

4. Pour the curd over the muslin cloth into the sieve. You should wrap the filter (or the strainer) in plastic and allow it to settle down in the refrigerator for more than eight hours.

5. After adequate cooling of the curd, take the arrangement out and remove the plastic. The material collected in the bowl is your homemade whey protein. And the substance in the sieve or strainer is cheese.

Isn’t that easy to make?

We had promised you that the process only sounds complicated. Try it out for yourself. You won’t be disappointed.

But, there is a but again! The homemade whey would lack in taste. It would be bland and in some cases, sour as well.

Yet, the nutritional value of it is numerous times better than the lab-made whey protein supplements.

This supplement, alongside a strict workout routine, would be the best possible gift you could give your body. High-quality protein is the only efficient way to preserve bodybuilding, repairing, and rejuvenation of the strained muscle tissues.

Who can take it?

There is no age bar neither there is any gender bar to consume whey protein. While the various types of whey dedicate themselves to specific age groups, they can be consumed by anyone just the same.

But here are some of the things to keep in mind.

Lactose-intolerant people should take whey hydrolysate. It is a component that mingles directly with the muscles, as the digestive process is simplified. Whey isolate is also a purer component than the one that’s commonly available in the stores.

Pregnant and breast-feeding women should seek medical advice before starting with whey.

As the compound acts on your appetite, it may have an effect on the natural biological cycles of the body.

Final words

There are many benefits of whey protein. We have a separate article that lists in detail all the benefits of this wonderful component. In this age of gimmicks and fraudulent weight gain supplements, it’s easy to get lost and confused.

But not anymore! We are here with the golden key to develop the perfect physique you always aspired.  In the next post, we will be talking about the specific whey protein supplements for different age groups. 


Can we make whey protein at home?

Yes, you can easily make whey protein at home. You just need to put a bit of lemon in a bowl of milk. The liquid part that you end up with is whey protein. Just use our instructions above.

Is whey safe?

Whey is absolutely safe and free of side effects. You might get a few days of stomach discomfort in the beginning if you have a sensitive stomach. But your body will adjust to it in a week or two. If you still face problems, discontinue whey and speak to a doctor.

How much protein do you need in a day?

You can have 20 – 25grams of whey or any protein in one sitting. In a day, normal folks can safely eat 50 grams of protein. People who are highly active may need more protein.

Can just eating protein help you build muscle?

Not at all! You have to eat adequate protein and work out to build muscles. There’s no way around it.