Is Mass Gainer Suited for the Bulking Phase? – Find Out the Truth!

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Is mass gainer good for bulking?

Every bodybuilder goes through the bulking stage. It’s time to consume more calories and weight-train so that you build up muscles quickly.

Generally, you will need to follow the bulking plan for a total of 4 – 6-months before shifting to the cutting stage. 

Now, the question comes, where do you fetch your calories from?

For average folks, a bulking diet may be a good way to add muscles. However, a diet may not be sufficient for advanced bodybuilders who need more calories than a normal person. 

  • Is mass gainer a good solution for them?
  • Can you use mass gainers for bulking?

Hold your horses, as we are going to answer your question right here in this post. We will tell you whether it’s okay to use a mass-gaining supplement for bulking.

We would also find out whether you can use a weight gainer in place of a mass gainer. 

So, let’s start with our analysis!

What You Need for Bulking

We all know what we need for bulking. We need to intake more calories so that we can create a caloric surplus.

The surplus in calories will create an anabolic impact on your body. As a result, your muscles, tissues, bones, and other things will start growing. 

Obviously, you also need to train extensively and lift weights throughout your bulking phase. According to experts, your calories should come from

  • Carbs (40% to 60%)
  • Protein (30% to 35%)
  • Fat (15% to 30%)

Now, the ratio of the macronutrients vary. Some experts suggest a 50:30:20 ratio, while others recommend a 40:40:20 ratio (carbs: protein: fat).

Whatever be the ratios, the point is clear. You will need to get most of your calories for carbs, then protein, followed by fat.

Bodybuilders use various kinds of supplements for bulking. Some use whey protein, some add BCAAs, while others use mass gainers.

Since mass gainer is the topic of our discussion, we will take up only this supplement. 

Is Mass Gainer Good for Bulking?

Before we give you the answer, let’s see what a mass gainer contains.

As you know, a mass-gaining supplement is meant to help you build muscles. We can take mass-gaining supplements to create a caloric surplus for anabolic effects.

Interestingly, we also need to create a “caloric surplus” during the bulking stage. 

Now, let’s see what mass gainers contain. 

All supplements that build mass have carbs, protein, and fat as ingredients. These are the same macronutrients you need during bulking. 

This gives us two vital points-

1. You can use mass gainer to create a caloric surplus

2. Mass gainers have the same macronutrients you need for bulking 

This may lead us to conclude that mass-gaining supplements are good for bulking. But let’s analyze things a bit more. Let’s check out the ratio of the macronutrients in mass gainers.

Mass Gainer Ratio of Carbs, Protein, and Fat

In our discussion above, we saw most calories should come from carbs. Next should be protein, and then comes the turn of fat. Or, you should get the same calories from carbs and protein, and the rest from fat. 

A mass gainer contains high amounts of protein, moderate amounts of carbs, and low fat.

You have more protein to help you directly build muscles. The moderate amounts of carbs also lay the foundation for muscle building. The fat maintains your hormonal levels and provides nutritional value. 

Now, we can see the fat and protein in mass gainers are in ideal amounts to build ratios. However, the carbs may be a bit less in amount. 

So can you take a mass gainer for bulking?

To get the answer, let’s explore a few points. 

The Cutting Phase After Bulking

All bodybuilders on the bulking phase will follow it up with the cutting phase. Why?

Because, after gaining weight, you need to cut down the body fat. Now, where does this body fat come from?

If you are taking a high-calorie diet, the fat can come from carbs. If you are taking weight gainers, the fat will come from carbs and fat in the ingredients. 

Now, think about it. You need to lose the same fat you collect during the bulking phase in the cutting phase. 

What if you never accumulated fat in the first place? Wouldn’t that save your extra work during the cutting stage?

This is exactly where a mass gainer can help you. 

A mass gainer can help you bulk up or gain muscles without adding fat to your body. 

As a result, you will not need to work hard to lose fat. You will be at an advantage as you didn’t even collect any fat!

Doesn’t it sound great?

So, yes! A mass gainer can be good for bulking. It can help you add muscle mass minus the fat. This is a great benefit for bodybuilders who can’t get enough calories from their diet. And as you know, a mass gainer will never make you fat, unless you stop exercising.

Next, we will see if you can use weight gainers in place of mass gainer for bulking.

Can You Use Weight Gainer for Bulking?

Weight gainers, too, come with the same macronutrients you need for the bulking phase. However, the ratio of the macronutrients differs from mass gainers. 

Weight gainers contain high amounts of carbs and moderate protein and fat. So, can you use weight gainers for bulking?

Weight gainers create a caloric excess in your body, whereas a mass gainer creates a caloric surplus. As a result, using weight gainers for bulking may end up making you fat. And the more fat you accumulate, the harder you have to work during the cutting phase!

So, weight gainers are not a preferable option for bulking. A mass gainer is a much better choice for clean bulking or adding lean muscles. 

However, weight gainers may help a certain category of athletes. You must know someone who doesn’t get fat even after eating a lot. These types of people are called “hard gainers” or people who find it difficult to put on weight. 

For such people, a weight gainer may help add muscle and fat to improve body composition. 

You see, a weight gainer is useful for gaining weight, that comes in the form of both muscle and fat. A mass gainer, on the other hand, adds only muscle without any fat.

Final Thoughts

A mass gainer is the best choice for bulking without adding fat. You can build muscle mass like a pro and never have to worry about losing fat during the cutting phase. 

As we saw, weight gainers are not useful for bulking. You may use a weight gainer only if you are an ectomorph or a hard gainer. For the rest, a mass gainer will do fine or better than a high-calorie diet. 

You can add a rich source of protein like whey to maximize your muscle gains. You may also include your creatine supplement to maximize the power to workout intensively. And in the end, keep our recommended mass gainer supplements handy for successful bulking. 


How can I bulk up fast?

You need to consume enough protein and calories to bulk up fast. A mass gainer can complement your diet and create a caloric surplus. You can work out and use the surplus calories to add mass or bulk quickly.

How do you go through a bulking phase?

Bodybuilders use the bulking phase to gain mass in a short period of time. You need to eat plenty of protein and calories to create an anabolic environment in your body. Some people use mass gainers to provide an extra dose of calories and proteins as their diets fall short. Along with that, you will need to work out diligently.

How long is a bulking phase?

The bulking phase may not be of the same duration for every person. To begin with, it will depend on how much mass you want to gain and how much mass you currently have. That being said, you may need to follow a 4 – 6-months long bulking phase if you do everything right.

Should you bulk or cut first?

Your fitness goals and current physical status should decide whether you need to bulk or cut first. If you are just starting out, you can go for the bulking phase. But if you are fat, you may want to start with the cutting phase. You can also take a mass gainer to gain mass without the fat by working out.

What is dirty bulking?

Dirty bulking is a phase where you eat anything and everything, including greasy and junk food. The idea is to create a caloric overdose for a very short term. Dirty bulking can have many negative health effects if followed in the long-term. The best way is to bulk up healthily with a proper diet and exercise.