Spirulina for Weight Loss: Separating Facts from Fiction

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Is spirulina good for weight loss?

Spirulina is a superfood rich in nutrients. People make all sorts of claims about the benefits of spirulina, some that are unfounded. Weight loss is among the many such perks of spirulina claimed by supplement manufacturers. But is there any truth to it?

We will dig into the science and bring out the truth just for you. Here’s another blog in our quest to provide you the right information to make healthy life choices. 

Spirulina and Weight Loss

We will get down to the point real quick. Spirulina has shown promise in many studies assessing it for weight loss benefits. But don’t jump to the conclusion spirulina can make you lose weight. It may, but if you make the right choices. And one among them is exercising. 

Now let’s take up a few studies we talked about- 

1. One study gave 52 obese individuals spirulina or a placebo for twelve weeks. The group taking spirulina had lower body weight, reduced waist size, and cholesterol.

2. Another clinical trial found spirulina to reduce appetite, body weight, and cholesterol. Here, 62 obese participants took 1gram spirulina for twelve weeks. 

3. Yet another study found similar results after giving spirulina to 50 obese individuals. They had lower waist circumference, body weight, and cholesterol.

4. In 2016, scientists tested spirulina and again confirmed the conclusions. Spirulina helped lower weight, BMI, and blood pressure. This is another study that came up with the same benefits. 

As you can see, we have enough proof to say spirulina can aid in weight loss. You can introduce spirulina in your diet for weight management and fulfilling your weight loss goals. 

However, don’t expect spirulina to work like a magic pill. Spirulina can only facilitate weight loss if you control your diet and work out. If you skip these two, even the best fat loss pills won’t work for you.

How Spirulina May Help You Lose Weight

We know spirulina helps in weight loss. Now the question comes, how?

Nutrition Minus Calories

A simple Google search says a gram of spirulina contains 2.9 calories. In the studies we quoted above, researchers gave only 1 – 2grams of spirulina to the participants. So, you are only consuming 3 – 6 calories in total per serving of spirulina. 

Add to that the high nutritious profile of spirulina. It is supposed to be a superfood stamped by NASA. You can take spirulina and fulfill your nutritional requirements, especially if you have a poor diet. Why is this important?

Stay Satiated Longer

Eating junk food doesn’t allow us to get the nutrients you require. So, your body makes you feel hungry often to establish its demand for nutrients. Consuming a nutritious meal can help you stay satiated for longer without a caloric overdose.

This is also why spirulina reduces appetite. Plus, it contains easily-digestible protein that our bodies can absorb quickly. A diet rich in protein is always helpful for weight loss and working out. 100grams of spirulina comes with around 57grams of protein. So, it’s a great addition to your weight loss diet.

Reduced Absorption of Fat

Some animal studies show spirulina to cut back the absorption of fat in the small intestine. Additionally, the rats also excreted more cholesterol. 

We don’t know yet if this is possible in humans. But we do have evidence that spirulina reduces fat buildup in the liver. 

May Regulate Blood Sugar

Spirulina may help you maintain healthy blood sugar levels. Some studies found spirulina to lower markers of blood pressure in humans. Why is a healthy blood sugar level important?

People with high blood sugar find it difficult to lose weight. They have excess insulin that gets stored as fat by their bodies. So, having a healthy blood sugar level and the right amount of insulin is necessary to lose weight.

This combination also helps you to rev up your metabolism and facilitate weight loss.

May Energize Workouts

Spirulina can give you an energy boost. It comes loaded with nutrients that help you feel more energetic. Additionally, some compounds in spirulina may help our cells release more energy. We have ample evidence to support this claim, like this study

Spirulina can provide the encouragement to hit the gym and extend your workout sessions. You may experience an upper as you feel on coffee. Best of all, spirulina is devoid of any negative concerns that come with stimulants like caffeine.


Spirulina can work in many ways to support weight loss goals. You can introduce it in your diet and reduce the consumption of calorie-rich food. Having spirulina may even make up for diets that lack enough nutrients like fresh vegetables. 

Even if spirulina is low on calories, it packs a high amount of protein. Combined with the high nutritional profile, spirulina is the perfect weight-loss diet. 

Moreover, spirulina provides you the push you need to exercise. You may even work out harder and longer to lose more weight. 

Additionally, spirulina may bring down high blood sugar and help you facilitate weight loss. Plus, it may even reduce the absorption of fat. 

In short, you can surely give spirulina a try to manage your weight. Just be sure to eat fewer calories and work out. 

When to Have Spirulina for Weight Loss

Spirulina helps us keep feeling full longer. The best way to enjoy this benefit is to have your spirulina around 30-minutes before your meals. Basically, you should take your spirulina on an empty stomach to feel satiated. 

However, you can derive other weight loss benefits by having spirulina any time you want. Your supplement manufacturer may also suggest the best time on the label. Stick to it for the best results. Most spirulina supplements are available in the form of pills, and you need to take multiple ones in a day.

So, having spirulina on an empty stomach may not be possible for many.

The Best Spirulina Supplement in India

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What to expect if I take spirulina every day?

Spirulina packs a heavy dose of nutrients. You can fulfill your nutritional requirements and maybe make up for a poor diet. Benefits also include less cholesterol, healthy blood sugar levels, and more energy. Spirulina doesn’t have any negative side effects.

Can spirulina make you poop?

Spirulina cleans your gut and removes waste products. Many personal accounts also mention the use of spirulina to relieve constipation. So, yes, spirulina can make you poop more than you are used to. Regular bowel movements are good and better than visiting the loo once in three days.

Can spirulina detox the body?

The whole concept of detoxifying your body is not a very scientific concept. What spirulina can do is clean your gut of waste products. That might be a good way to remove toxins and any harmful bacteria living in your intestine. However, you have to shift to a plant-based diet and eliminate fried chicken if you want to clean your system fully.

Is spirulina safe for the kidneys?

Spirulina is generally considered safe for healthy people. So, there shouldn’t be any concern for healthy kidneys. People with autoimmune diseases need to be careful with spirulina intake.

What should I mix with spirulina?

You can make a smoothie out of your spirulina and add anything that suits your taste buds. Fruits can be a good idea, while you can also go along with juices. Adding milk may not be the best way as spirulina contains water-soluble proteins. Mixing wiith milk will slow down the time our bodies need to absorb spirulina.

Can spirulina give you gas?

Spirulina cleans your gut. Plus, people used to a meat-based diet may get gas during the first few days of taking spirulina. These side effects usually go away within a few days or a week or two.

Can spirulina make your poop and pee green?

Spirulina is a green alga and contains chlorophyll, which is green in color. So, your poop or pee ay turn green while you are on spirulina. It is completely harmless and not a reason for worry.

Does spirulina smell fishy?

Spirulina may have a smell that is similar to fish. Plus, a higher bacteria content can also make your spirulina smell fishy. You don’t need to worry as both are normal.

Is spirulina good for your liver?

Spirulina has been found to reduce the collection of fat in the liver in studies. Some scientists also found it to be beneficial for chronic liver diseases. You may get some relief from liver damage.

Does FDA approve spirulina?

Spirulina was touted as a superfood by NASA for astronauts. FDA has also shown its approval and agreed spirulina is safe for consumption. You can take spirulina with complete peace of mind.