Testosterone Supplements Benefits and Side Effects: A Gym Goer’s Take

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Many people wonder about testosterone supplements benefits and side effects. Testosterone, like you, already know, is a crucial male hormone and plays a big part in making men masculine. The hormone also has a significant role in keeping us healthy and happy.

Some of the major functions of testosterone involve-

  • Development of muscle mass
  • Creating strong bones
  • Deepening our voice
  • Development of beard and moustache
  • Maintaining a sex drive
  • Facilitating cognition
  • Improving mood

We will need pages after pages if we need to cover all the roles of testosterone in our bodies. So, we are going to stick with the main effects that contribute to building muscle and endurance.

In this post, we will discuss testosterone supplements benefits and side effects. You will enjoy learning how testosterone can help you realize your fitness goals coupled with exercise.

The Importance of Free and Loosely Bound Testosterone

We are not going into how testosterone is produced and all that. But we are going to highlight a very important thing. You may be surprised, but our bodies have different types of testosterone, and not all of them are usable. 

According to Examine.com, testosterone has three categories-

  1. Tightly bound testosterone: Around 65% of our testosterone is attached to sex hormone-binding globulin (SHBG). Sadly, we can’t make any good of it!

  1. Loosely bound testosterone: Around 33% – 34% of the total testosterone in our bodies bind to albumin. We can utilize it but with a bit of work.

  1. Free testosterone: Around 1% to 4% of our testosterone is free testosterone. Our bodies can utilize free testosterones fully. We also convert some of it to DHT that acts as a potent androgen. 

The loosely bound testosterone and free testosterone make up your bioavailable testosterone. You should be more concerned about bioavailable testosterone than total testosterone levels. 

Not all testosterone boosters contain ingredients that increase your free testosterone. You can expect better results if your T-booster increases free or loosely bound testosterone. 

Now let’s get on with our testosterone supplements benefits and side effects.

Testosterone Supplements Benefits

As we said earlier, testosterone has many roles in our bodies. However, we are going to focus on the benefits that concern athletes, bodybuilders, and gym-goers.

Testosterone Builds Lean Muscle Mass

Testosterone directly stimulates protein synthesis and helps you add lean muscle mass. It may also act in other ways to bring about anabolic effects on our muscles. There are many theories that explain how the T-hormone adds to muscle mass.

According to Healthline, testosterone enhances tissue growth by increasing neurotransmitters. The hormone also helps in protein synthesis by interacting with nuclear receptors in our DNA. Testosterone spikes the levels of growth hormones and builds more muscle when combined with exercise. 

Bodybuilding.com presents a slightly varied version of the theory. It says testosterone stimulates and increases the number of precursor cells in our muscle fiber.

As a result, the cells get incorporated into existing muscles to grow in size via hypertrophy. The satellite cells can also bond together and give birth to new muscle fibers.

Our male hormone even increases the number of nucleuses present in our muscle fiber. That leads to more androgen receptors binding with testosterone inside the muscle for muscle-mass growth. The wonder hormone is also anti-catabolic and cuts down the levels of cortisol. 

That means you can build, maintain, and protect muscle mass and facilitate recovery.

Research seems to back up the claims. In one study, 9 people taking testosterone experienced increased protein synthesis. The study concluded testosterone adds to muscle mass by increasing protein synthesis. 

Bodybuilding found testosterone to considerably amplify muscle-building when combined with amino acids required for protein synthesis. 

Testosterone Makes Muscles Strong

According to recent research, the male hormone can boost the amount of calcium released inside the cell. With more calcium in your muscles, the force of your muscular contractions also increases. 

In a study, DHT (converted from free testosterone) increased muscle contraction force by a maximum of 24% to 30% in stamina and power muscle fibers. 

Healthline also mentions a study where testosterone therapy led to more muscle mass and muscle strength. 

Testosterone Builds Endurance

Testosterone orders our bones to produce more red blood cells by increasing EPOs. The more red blood cells you have, the more is the amount of oxygen transported to muscles.

As a result, you can generate more energy and build endurance for longer and intensive training sessions. 

Women with more free testosterone performed 1.8% and 4.5% better than women with low bioavailable testosterone in-

  • 400-meters sprint with hurdles
  • 800-meter sprint with hurdles
  • Hammer throw
  • Pole vault

However, we need more studies to confirm this effect. 

Tip: Combine testosterone supplements with strength training and exercise for the best results. 

Now, we will discuss the benefits of testosterone that help you workout and perform better. 

Healthy Heart

Low testosterone levels can lead to various cardiovascular diseases. So having a healthy level of the T-hormone is necessary.

Testosterone also produces red blood cells and help our hearts pump more blood. This makes the blood carry more oxygen to our muscles for producing energy. 

Strong Bones

Testosterone increases bone density. Therapies with the hormone increased bone mineral density when given in high doses, according to Healthline.

You need strong bones to support your growing muscle mass, and the process can even boost athletic performance. 

Reduces Fat

Testosterone can build lean muscle mass without adding to fat. In fact, the hormone may also help you burn fat as low levels of T-hormone make you gain weight and fat. Having a healthy balance of your male hormone can keep you in shape and optimize caloric expenditure. 

Bodybuilding.com mentions two studies that note the fat-reducing and lean muscle-building role of testosterone.

In one study, 200mg of prescription testosterone increased lean mass by 9.6% while reducing fat by 16.2% in men. One interesting thing to note here is that none of the participants exercised. 

Bodybuilding also presents the results of 59 studies that involved 5,000 participants. The studies used supplemental testosterone and found it to-

  • Significantly increase muscle mass
  • Cut down body fat
  • Reduce blood glucose

The studies also concluded that testosterone can reduce weight by 11.5 pounds in 2-years, even in the absence of exercise and diet changes. 

Faster Processing Speed

Testosterone can speed up your cognition and improve verbal and spatial memory. Faster processing speeds can be beneficial in athletic performance and sports.

The hormone may also have positive effects on cognition diseases associated with ageing. 

Improves Mood

Low testosterone can cause irritability, tiredness, and depression. However, taking Testosterone boosters may not have significant results on mood for healthy adults.

We have covered all the major benefits of testosterone that helps build muscle, increase strength, and improve athletic performance. Now, let’s move on to the next part of our testosterone supplements benefits and side effects discussion. 

Side Effects of Testosterone

Testosterone supplements and therapy may have some adverse side effects. Some of the common side effects may include-

  • Acne
  • Aggressiveness
  • Deepening of voice and facial hair in women
  • Depression
  • Infertility
  • Reduced breasts in women
  • Insomnia
  • Liver disease

One thing to note is, most of the side effects occur at high doses. Taking too much testosterone can also lead to strokes and liver damage. 

Tips: It’s always best to go for a natural testosterone booster to avoid side effects. We have discussed the most common natural ingredients of t-boosters, so you can have a look. Also, stick with the recommended dosage so that you don’t experience any discomfort or safety issues.

Wrapping Up

We hope you learned all about testosterone supplements benefits and side effects.

The male hormone induces protein synthesis and helps us grow muscle mass. The hormone also works in other ways to add to muscle mass and increase muscle strength. It also keeps your heart healthy, makes your bones stronger, and improves endurance and athletic performance.

Even people looking to lose weight will benefit from testosterone supplements. So check out our best testosterone booster in India and start lifting those weight for big, strong, and lean muscles. 


Do testosterone supplements really work?

You need to choose a supplement that contains ingredients scientifically proven to increase testosterone. Otherwise, your testosterone supplement might be a waste of money. Research the ingredients and then buy your supplement for the best results.

Can testosterone increase muscle size?

Testosterone stimulates protein synthesis. Additionally, it increases the growth hormones in your blood and facilitates hypertrophy. As a result, you can directly increase muscle growth and, thereby, your muscle size by working out.

Does testosterone make you angry?

Some men may feel aggression after taking testosterone. It’s because of testosterone’s effect on the subcortical regions of our brains. So, yes, testosterone can make you feel angry.

Does testosterone reduce anxiety?

Testosterone may be able to reduce anxiety to a certain level. However, high levels of the same hormone is also a cause of anxiety disorders. Don’t take testosterone for anxiety without consulting a doctor.

Is it healthy to take testosterone supplements?

Testosterone supplements that contain natural and safe ingredients are quite healthy. You also don’t have to fear about negative effects. Just research the ingredients of a supplement before you make your purchase.