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MuscleTech Hydroxycut Hardcore Next Gen review

MuscleTech Hydroxycut Hardcore Next Gen

  • PatentPending Key Ingredients

  • Extreme Energy, Mental Focus

  • Boost Metabolism



Being Nutritions- Shrex Advance Fat Cutter review

Being Nutritions- Shrex Advance Fat Cutter

  • Natural Extract ingredients

  • Promote higher energy levels

  • More stamina & enthusiasm.



Nutrex Lipo 6 Fat Burner review

Nutrex Lipo 6 Fat Burner

  • Fast-absorbing liquid capsules

  • Accelerated fat-loss formulae

  • Helps in burning extra calories



MuscleBlaze Fat Burner PRO review

MuscleBlaze Fat Burner PRO

  • Weight loss by natural ways

  • Prevent oxidative stress

  • 10mg of Piper Nigrum extract



Universal Nutrition Animal Cuts review

Universal Nutrition Animal Cuts

  • All-in-One Fat Burning

  • Extreme Metabolic Enhancer

  • Energy Boosting Formula



Want the best fat burner in India to shed those extra kilos? 

Today, we are going to talk about the best weight loss supplements in India. However, we are not going into details of how you can get the best results from fat burners. We already discussed that in our introductory article, and you can read all about it here

Coming back to our topic, you can find many fat loss supplements in the market. But not all of them work! You need to spend time researching every product and studying each ingredient.

Only then can you say if the product is going to be effective. It’s a laborious process, and not everyone likes to dedicate so much time when they can be working out. 

Is there any way around?

Well, we thought we would extend a helping hand and select the Top 5 best fat burner in India. Our team did all the research, consulted experts, and analyzed consumer feedback to form our opinions.

Read more about how to choose the right fat loss supplement

Now, let’s present our contestants one by one in our 5 best fat burner in India list. 

1. MuscleTech Hydroxycut Hardcore Next Gen

We have always said in our reviews how MuscleTech makes quality sports nutrition products. The same is true for MuscleTech Performance Series Hydroxycut. The supplement contains handpicked ingredients that have proven results and are backed by scientific evidence. The list of ingredients is openly available for anyone to assess, unlike proprietary formulas. 

Now let’s see what makes MuscleTech fat burner so effective. 

What Makes MuscleTech Fat Burner Stand Out

Guaranteed Results

MuscleTech weight loss pills contain ingredients that promote quick fat loss. Subjects in studies have lost 3 – 10-pounds by taking MuscleTech ingredients along with a proper diet and training. 

Customers also say the same and report losing 10-kgs over the course of a month. The ingredients are scientifically-dosed to provide optimum results for achieving your fitness goals. 

Energy Boost

MuscleTech fat burner is the best fat burner in India for the instant energy you get after consuming it. You can get the power to work out longer and harder to lose weight and build muscles. We say it’s a “win-win” situation for all of us taking this best fat burner in India!

What We Liked

  • Enhanced stamina and energy
  • Improved mental focus and attention
  • Scientifically-proven ingredients with pending patent
  • Made for active people
  • Customers lost 20 kilos in 2 months
  • Helps curb appetite
  • Helps you run the extra mile or do the additional rep
  • Too hardcore for some people

What We Didn’t Like

  • It’s a non-vegetarian product
Points to note:
  • Take your pills 30 – 60-minutes before large meals
  • Don’t take more than 4 capsules in a day
  • Don’t use within 5-hours of going to bed
MuscleTech Hydroxycut review
  • Scientifically tested weight loss and extreme sensory

  • Features Scutellaria, Guayusa & Coleus

  • Green coffee bean - 400mg, Caffeine - 290mg

  • Yohimbe extract (as pausinystalia Yohimbe) - 40mg

  • Blue skullcap extract (as Scutellaria lateriflora) - 75mg


2. Being Nutritions- Shrex Advance Fat Cutter

Guided by Australian expertise, Being Nutritions is another best fat burner in India. The product contains effective ingredients that make you burn the extra fat. People report losing anything from 3 – 8-kgs in a month, coupled with exercise and diet. 

The brand has quite a few certifications from agencies like like ISOGMP, WRG, and WHO GMP. The quality of ingredients is of international standards, and everything is completely natural. Even vegans can use Shrex Advance without a shred of doubt. 

What Makes Being Nutritions Fat Burner Stand Out

Curbs Appetite

One part of losing weight is controlling your diet and avoiding excessive calories. However, not many of us can control those cravings that lead to unhealthy snacking. We gain back the weight we lost, and have to start over again!

Shrex Advance ingredients curb your appetite and keep you satiated throughout the day. As a result, you can follow a proper diet to lose weight successfully. 

No Caffeine

People with low tolerance to caffeine or stimulants can benefit from using Being Nutritions weight loss supplement. You can rule out worries of staying awake at nights and those unnerving jitters! This is the best fat burner in India for people who want to stay clear of stimulants. 

What We Liked

  • Vegetarian product
  • Promotes fat loss
  • Highly affordable
  • Induces thermogenesis to lose fat
  • Strengthens your immunity
  • Made in a GMP facility
  • Reduces bloating
  • No adverse effects
Points to note:
  • Use as directed
  • Stick to the recommended dosage
  • Don’t take while fasting
Shrex Advance Fat Cutter review
  • Strong and advanced thermogenic fat cutter

  • Ultimate helps to burn the unwanted fat

  • Gives freedom from Obesity in a very effective way.

  • Effective blend of various Natural Extracts

  • Manufactured in GMP certified facility


3. Nutrex Lipo 6 Fat Burner

Nutrex Lipo 6 is in our best fat burner in India list for a number of reasons. Of course, you can get good results to reach your fitness goals. But that’s not the only thing the supplement boasts about!

Among other things, the weight loss pills come in the form of liquid capsules for faster absorption. The product contains only a few ingredients that work to boost your fat loss. 

What Makes Nutrex Lipo 6 Fat Burner Stand Out

Awesome Thermogenic Fat Loss

The ingredients in Lipo 6 induce the process of thermogenesis in our bodies. Simply put, the supplement boosts metabolism to increase body temperature. As a result, our bodies burn the stored fat to produce energy. 

Coupled with 15-minutes of exercise each day, you can look to lose at least a few kilos every week. 

Potent Fat Loss Pills

The supplement is ultra-concentrated that increases the potency of the ingredients. You need to take only 2 capsules each day to get full fat-burning benefits. 

What We Liked

  • Stringent quality 
  • Boosts energy and alertness
  • No controversial ingredients
  • Suitable for women
  • Helps you exercise longer and harder
  • Controls your hunger
  • Comes from a growing brand
  • Reasonably priced
Points to note:
  • Take one pill in the morning and one in the afternoon
  • Take 30-minutes prior to your meal
  • Take only one pill per serving
  • Don’t consume more than 2 pills a day
Lipo 6 black Fat Burner review
  • Ulrta concentrate fat loss formula for super strong effects

  • Activates metabolism and burns extra calories

  • Fast absorbing liquid capsules

  • Easy to digest, It keeps you active all day long

  • High pooency: only one pill needed


4. MuscleBlaze Fat Burner PRO

MuscleBlaze is another popular sports supplement company with the best fat burner in India. We have always recommended MuscleBlaze products in our reviews for its quality and reliability. MuscleBlaze Fat loss pills also don’t disappoint us and burn your fat effectively by inducing thermogenesis

MuscleBlaze products sweeten the deal as you get international quality at a fraction of the cost!

What Makes MuscleBlaze Fat Burner Pro Stand Out

Prevents Fat Buildup

MuscleBlaze weight loss supplement comes with ingredients like Piper Nigrum extract that prevent the buildup of new fat. The product discourages the formation and storage of new fat cells, helping you stay in shape. 

However, that doesn’t mean you should start eating unhealthy food! Thankfully, MuscleBlaze also helps out here by suppressing appetite and making you feel full. 

Boosts Metabolism

MuscleBlaze is the best fat burner in India because it helps you actively burn fat. Through the process of thermogenesis, our bodies produce energy from fat and trim your waist down. You also get the energy boost to work out intensity for burning more fat. 

What We Liked

  • Made in India
  • Meets FSSAI norms
  • Affordable
  • All-natural product
  • Reduces oxidative stress
  • Keeps you energetic
  • May lower cholesterol
  • Customers lost 9 kilos in 1 month
Points to note:
  • Don’t take more than 3 pills in a day
  • You can have 2 capsules per serving
  • Consume 1 pill after exercise with a light meal
MuscleBlaze Fat Burner review
  • Proven to aid weight loss by natural ways

  • 270mg caffeine, 240mg green coffee beans extract

  •  100mg of L-Theanine per serving 

  • Increasing thermogenesis thus burning more calories

  • Speed up overall functioning by using stored fat as fuel


5. Universal Nutrition Animal Cuts

Animal Cuts is a revolutionary product and the best fat burner in India for many reasons. The product comes from Universal Nutrition, a well-known name in the world of supplements. The company manufactures a variety of protein powderscreatine supplements, energy-boosters, and more!

We will give you a quick rundown and tell you why Animal Cuts gets a rank in our best fat burner in India list. 

What Makes Animal Cuts Fat Burner Stand Out

Multiple Ways of Fat Loss

Animal Cuts promotes fat loss on a number of levels. You can lose fat through-

  • Burning calories to produce energy
  • Reducing cravings and avoiding unhealthy snacking
  • Addressing water retention

As you can see, Animal Cuts does work in many ways to help you lose weight. 

Builds Lean Mass

People who want to put on lean muscles while losing weight will really benefit from Animal Cuts. The product helped athletes lose weight and add to their lean muscle mass in just two months.

What We Liked

  • Metal focus and stamina
  • Bioavailable ingredients for health benefits
  • Balances cortisol levels
  • Comes from a reputed brand
  • Reduces bloating
  • 8 complexes for more impact
  • Contains strong thermogenics
  • Burns stored fat
  • Gives you a lean look

What We Didn’t Like

  • A bit expensive
Points to note:
  • Take 2 packs in a day
  • Don’t consume it for more than 21-days at a stretch
Universal Nutrition fat burner review
  • Packed with thermogenics, metabolics and stimulants

  • Controls appetite, Fat shredding formula

  • Convenient Grab-and-Go Packs

  • Natural Diuretic and Thyroid Support

  • Nootropics for Focus and Motivation


That brings us to the end of our 5 best fat burner supplements in India list. Now, let’s take a quick look at a few important considerations. 

How to Get the Best Results from Fat Burner Supplement

You need to keep a few things while using the best fat burner in India. Otherwise, you are not going to get the desired results. This is applicable even if you use the best of the best fat burners. 

You Need to Exercise

Fat burners don’t work like magic pills. You can’t take magic pills, sit in a chair all day, and expect to lose weight! 

You have to exercise regularly. Only then you can expect your fat burner to provide results. 

Experts suggest a range of exercises that help you burn fat. Aerobic exercises burn most calories, no doubt, but anaerobic exercises play their part too.

Simple jogging, running, and cycling can help you burn up to 300-calories in 30-minutes. You can lose considerable weight by doing any of the exercises for 20 – 30-minutes each day. 

Sports, like swimming and football, can also help. The idea is to get your heart pumping, let that sweat flowing, and burn calories.

Anaerobic exercises like weight training can also help burn calories but on a lesser level. However, they help you build lean muscle mass. The best way is to combine both types of exercises for maximal gains. 

Follow a Nutritious Diet

You need to follow a proper diet and limit your calorie intake for even the best fat burner to work. Surely, you can’t hope to lose weight when you keep eating those sugary candies or fries. 

Pair your fat burners with a high-protein and nutritious diet. Take care not to include high sources of calories as it will make your whole weight loss program counterproductive. 

Be sure to eat a lot of colorful fruits and veggies. They are rich sources of essential minerals and vitamins. You can also eat lean meat minus the fat. Chicken and fish are ideal to be included with meals. 

Also, remember to drink a lot of water and take fat burners only for a limited time. 

Don’t Take It Close to Bedtime

The best fat burners in India with stimulants can cause sleep problems. That’s why most manufacturers don’t recommend taking the pills before sleeping. You should have at least a gap of 5 – 6-hours between taking your fat burner and sleeping.

The best thing is to take the fat burners during the day unless instructed otherwise. You can read more about the effects of fat burners on sleeping by clicking here

Fat Burners are Temporary Solutions

You can take fat burners only for a limited time. Nobody uses fat burners for the long-term. It may have adverse effects and build a tolerance to the stimulants. This is true for even the best fat burner in India. 

So use fat burners for a limited time, maybe a few months.

Don’t Exceed the Dosage

Never cross the recommended dose of a fat burner. You may experience side effects like stomach cramps, pain, and jitters. Always follow the dosage suggested by the manufacturer.  

Follow the above tips to get the best results from the best fat burner in India. It will also help you lose weight safely without unpleasant side effects.

Next, we will present a short fat burner buying guide.

The Best Fat Burner in India Buying Guide

You will find a range of fat burners in the market. All of them have a different way of working. Let’s take a look at some of the common fat burners-

Thermogenic fat burner

Thermogenic fat burners boost your metabolism. As a result, your body burns more stored fat to produce energy. Thermogenic fat burners generally come with stimulants like caffeine. People with anxiety, heart diseases, or hypertension shouldn’t use this type of fat burners. 

Appetite curbing fat burners

These fat burners help you control your hunger. You feel more satiated as reach out less for those unhealthy burgers and fries! Most hunger-suppressing fat burners work by balancing our hunger hormones. Some of them even burn stored fat.

Carb blockers

Carb blocking fat burners force our bodies to absorb less carbohydrates. They don’t add to your calories or get stored as fat. You need to stay on top of your calorie intake to use this type of fat burners safely. 

Fat blocker

Fat blockers help us absorb less fat from food. As a result, our bodies also store less fat.

Cortisol blockers

Cortisol can encourage the storage of fat and unhealthy cravings. Fat burners that block cortisol to prevent the storage of fat. 

Stimulant free fat burner

These fat burners don’t come with stimulants like caffeine. People who have hypertension or anxiety can benefit from stimulant-free fat burners.

Read our fat burner choosing guide to pick the right fat burner for your needs. 

Wrapping Up

The 5 best fat burner in India we recommended can be bought easily from online stores. However, be sure to check the reliability of the seller before you place the order. Don’t buy your supplements from a seller that has reviews mentioning fake products. 

The best way to get authentic products is to buy directly from the brand. You will find many brands like MuscleBlaze and Universal Nutrition selling directly to customers on sites like Amazon.

Don’t forget to tell us about your experience of using our recommended best fat burner in India. Leave your opinions in the comments. 


Do fat burners work?

Quality fat burners in the market are sure to work. If you pick a supplement with proven ingredients, you are going to get benefits. However, you need to eat a proper diet restricting your calories. Additionally, you will also need to work out to maximize your fat loss. You can’t expect to lose much weight by taking a fat burner and not exercising or eating junk food.

Are fat burners safe?

Fat burners from a reputed company are safe for use. You can also research the ingredients to see if they have any adverse effects. Some fat burners may contain stimulants and may not be suitable for people with a weak heart or anxiety. Choose a supplement matching your needs for safe and effective results.

How long do fat burners take to work?

Fat burners give you an extra boost to burn fat. However, you should work out alongside and control your diet. If you do everything right, you can get results within 3 – 5-weeks. However, you need to have realistic expectations about how much weight you can lose.

Are natural fat burners any good?

Nature has the answer to everything. Moreover, it doesn’t make sense to put unnecessary chemicals and artificial ingredients in your body. Several natural ingredients are proven to help burn fat by scientists and researchers. If you buy a supplement with scientifically-proven ingredients, then you are going to lose weight.

Do fat burners work for belly fat?

Fat burners help you burn overall body fat, including your belly fat. You can maximize your fat-burning by doing exercises that focus on your abs and belly. That’s a great way to burn harmful visceral fat and get a toned belly. You may also be able to develop your packs by continuing your belly exercises.

What is the best fat burner?

All fat burners don’t contain the same ingredients. As a result, you can’t just say a specific fat burner is the best. What you can do is pick supplements with proven ingredients to ensure fat loss. The rest depends on your diet and exercise. However, you can consider the top-selling fat burners with good reviews, as we have listed in our blog.

Can I lose fat by drinking coffee?

Caffeine is an effective and natural fat burner. However, you may not be able to lose any considerable weight by drinking coffee. Fat burners come with more caffeine content than you find in a cup of coffee. Plus, they also contain other ingredients to boost fat loss. So, a fat burner is the right choice if fat loss is your goal.

Do fat burners curb appetite?

Some fat burners work by suppressing your appetite, but not all. You can check out the label of your supplement to see if it controls your hunger. Otherwise, you can also Google the ingredients and see if they curb your cravings.

How many calories do I need to burn to lose weight?

You need to use more calories than you eat to lose weight. Unfortunately, tracking your calorie intake needs some work. You will have to note down your regular diet and calculate how many calories you eat per day. Nowadays, you can find some mobile apps that help you track calories. After you find out how many calories you eat, you can exercise accordingly to burn more calories.

How long should I use fat burners?

Fat burners are suitable for short-term use. You can take fat burners for a few months when you are trying to lose weight. After that, you should discontinue using your fat burner.

A more similar product list is given which has been indicating good ranking from the past few months in the Indian Fitness Industry.