Winsol Review: What You Can Expect and What You Can’t

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Supplements in the sports and fitness world come with high claims. Anyone who has spent even a few years in training, however, knows most of those claims are false. 

That is not to say supplements don’t work. Rather, the correct thing to say would be not all supplements work.

For this reason, you need to spend enough time researching a supplement for proven results. We are here to give you a little push by supplying the right information. 

Today, we have an exclusive Winsol review, a legal supplement from CrazyBulk. We will go into quite a bit of detail, so we hope you have your patience.

We will start by taking a look at Winstrol, the steroid Winsol is inspired from.

What is Winstrol

Winstrol is a brand for the synthetic steroid Stanozolol. The steroid is used to treat a few diseases like aplastic anemia and hereditary angioedema. It’s a form of the hormone testosterone and comes with anabolic properties. 

The steroid was once really popular among athletes to craft a great physique and improve performance. You could get a toned look and improve strength in a short time with one injection. 

However, Stanozolol was banned first by the Olympic Committee in 1974. Subsequently, many sports organization and the World Anti-Doping Agency has also put the substance on the banned list. 

Stanozolol can have serious side effects as it has androgenic properties. You can experience side effects like-

  • Testicular atrophy
  • Impotence
  • Liver damage
  • Strokes
  • Heart attacks
  • Mental disturbances

In short, you are better off without a synthetic steroid, even if it means working your way through. 

However, Winsol claims to provide the benefits of Stanozolol without any side effects. But does the claim really convert to reality?

What is Winsol

For starters, Winsol contains natural ingredients, and you don’t have any fear of toxic chemicals. So, you will never have to deal with nasty side effects if you take this supplement. 

But we do have to see if Winsol really makes it to the list of top ranks. For that, we are going to inspect the ingredients one by one!

Winsol (Winstrol)

It is made of several natural ingredients that are supposed to help you-
  • PRESERVE Lean Muscle Mass whilst Stripping Fat
  • RIPPED Competition & Beach Physique
  • ROCK-HARD Defined Muscles
  • ENHANCED Vascularity
  • SUPER Strength & Endurance
  • MAXIMUM Power, Speed & Agility

Winsol Review of Ingredients – Proven Results Only

Our supplement comes with a total of five ingredients we will discuss below-

1. Acetyl-L-Carnitine

Acetyl L-carnitine is sold as a standalone supplement. We will soon discuss the scientifically-backed results, and you will see it’s a great ingredient.

L-carnitine is an amino acid that helps your brains stay healthy. We do have many other benefits, but we are going to keep our discussion limited to athletic benefits. Acetyl is just added to it to increase bioavailability. 

So, here’s what l-carnitine will do for you-

Increases Nitric Oxide Production

L-carnitine can help our bodies produce more nitric oxide. Any bodybuilder knows nitric oxide or NO is a precursor to improved circulation. 

Your blood vessels relax and let more blood pass through. As a result, more oxygen-carrying blood reaches your muscles. That translates to awesome power gains to increase your output. 

NO is also responsible for improving recoveries and removing toxins from our body. You will feel less fatigued and be able to push on for longer.

Additionally, NO is even known to reduce muscle soreness by 40%. 

Burns Fat

L-carnitine carries fatty acids to cell mitochondria for producing energy. So, you can say it burns your stored fat to help you lose weight. 

This claim is not without scientific proof. L-carnitine enabled obese individuals to lose weight in a few studies. 

Quick and Improved Recoveries

NO enhances your muscle workload to make exercise feel easy. Naturally, that makes you delay fatigue and push on. 

Along with that, you can expect less muscle pains and soreness. Science also backs the claims with enough proof. One study found l-carnitine to help athletes recover better from high-repetition squat exercise.

2. Wild Yam

Wild Yam has uses in folk medicines and acts wonders for muscle pains. In fact, you can use it to relieve muscle cramps and related menstrual discomforts. 

Many supplement companies say wild yam helps you make more DHEA. Sadly, that’s not true. 

Wild yam is beneficial to athletes for a very different reason-

Less Pain and Soreness

Wild yam, with its anti-inflammatory properties, will help you reduce muscle pain and soreness. You can expect better recoveries and less physical impact from training. 

3. Choline

Choline is an essential nutrient involved in many functions in our body. Among other things, it plays a role in muscle contractions. 

Choline even helps out in DNA synthesis, metabolism, and cell maintenance. You can find the nutrient in meat, eggs, dairy, and certain plant products like whole grains, potatoes, and mushrooms.

However, 90% Americans don’t get enough cholineaccording to Donald Layman, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus at the University of Illinois, Department of Food Science & Human Nutrition.

Taking choline as a supplement can bring you wonderful benefits, like-

Increased Stamina and Performance

Dr. Layman says choline provides backup to the nervous system that controls signals of working muscles. Choline acts with neurotransmitter acetylcholine to facilitate muscle contractions.

Choline supplements, as a result, can improve muscle performance and increase stamina. Additionally, you can look forward to having healthy muscles. 

Helps Burn Fat

Choline takes part in metabolism, thereby playing a role in fat-burning. A metabolism boost can help you lose fat even when you are not working out. 

Choline helped study participants lower BMI or body index mass. The participants also had lower levels of leptin than control. If you don’t know, leptin is a hormone that causes changes in body fat.

Overall, you may be able to lose weight and get a toned physique.

Winsol (Winstrol)

It is made of several natural ingredients that are supposed to help you-
  • PRESERVE Lean Muscle Mass whilst Stripping Fat
  • RIPPED Competition & Beach Physique
  • ROCK-HARD Defined Muscles
  • ENHANCED Vascularity
  • SUPER Strength & Endurance
  • MAXIMUM Power, Speed & Agility


DMAE or Dimethylaminoethanol is an organic compound. It’s also an antioxidant and brings feelings of relaxation and wellbeing. It may even play a part in helping you dream!

What are the athletic uses of DMAE?

My Boost Athletic Performance

DMAE may act as a stimulant and keep you feeling energetic. Anecdotal evidence says the substance can improve performance when combined with other ingredients. 

DMAE does have a role in facilitating signals that order our muscles to contract. So, it may improve athletic performance in theory.

However, we need more studies to confirm this.

May Improve Focus

DMAE helps us feel relaxed and active. Some trainers say the stuff can help you fight negative mental effects like stress and even improve mood.

very old study even used DMAE to increase motivation in older adults. It even reduced their anxiety, depression, and irritability.

Choline is a promising ingredient to be in our Winsol review, but we can’t confirm the results yet.

5. Safflower Oil

The oil of safflower comes in powdered form as an ingredient in Winsol. Vegetable oil contains healthy fatty acids that control blood sugar and improves heart health. 

It can even lower inflammation and your bad cholesterol. 

Coming to athletic uses, the research is not very encouraging. You may get the following benefits-

Performance Boost 

Some studies have found safflower oil to improve sports performance, to a certain extent. Along with that, you can also experience a better exercise metabolism.

But as we said, research is really limited to confirm the results. 

Fat Loss

Safflower oil contains CLA or conjugated linoleic acid. Some say it may help you lose weight by reducing body fat. 

Some scientists found CLA to step up fat oxidation and energy burn while you sleep. As a result, you may experience some weight loss benefits. 

We have now analyzed all ingredients in Winsol. Now, we will see what you can expect from the supplement on the whole. 

Winsol Review of Results: What to Expect

CrazyBulk says Winsol can help you increase strength, burn fat, and retain lean muscles. But do they add up as the final results?

Let’s find out what to look forward to from your supplement.

Get More Pumps and Stamina

4 out of 5 ingredients in Winsol can act together to increase your endurance and improve performance. L-carnitine and choline are two wonder ingredients that add strength and stamina.

More NO in your blood due to carnitine increases muscle output. You develop massive pumps to work out harder to get the physique of your dreams. 

DMAE and safflower oil are promising and may combine together to give you more strength.

Burn Fat

L-carnitine and choline help in reducing body fat and boosting your energy production. Your increased strength also helps you push harder for losing more weight. 

While the effects of safflower oil are not proven, it may add up to reduce weight. 

Improved Recoveries

L-carnitine is the magic stuff that helps you regain your motivation for every gym session. You can reduce fatigue and exercise for longer. 

Wild yam and other ingredients also act to reduce muscle soreness and pain. Additionally, NO makes exercise feel light on your muscles. 

That’s it for the results. Now we will give our final recommendation and wrap up our Winsol review. 

Winsol (Winstrol)

It is made of several natural ingredients that are supposed to help you-
  • PRESERVE Lean Muscle Mass whilst Stripping Fat
  • RIPPED Competition & Beach Physique
  • ROCK-HARD Defined Muscles
  • ENHANCED Vascularity
  • SUPER Strength & Endurance
  • MAXIMUM Power, Speed & Agility

Final Thoughts

As we can see, you can assuredly increase your strength and improve physical performance with Winsol. That was the first claim, right!

Next, we saw Winsol can even aid in your weight loss goals. However, only one or two proven ingredients do the job, and the rest have only speculative benefits. We really wish there were more proven ingredients for fat loss. 

Another claim of Winsol was to protect lean muscles. We did not find any ingredient actively helping you preserve or build muscles. You can, though, use your improved stamina to exercise harder, and get more muscles. 

Apart from the above, Winsol even improves recovery and reduces muscle soreness. We say it’s a quality supplement for beginners and intermediate athletes. 

Advanced or pro-level bodybuilders may need something more powerful. You can check out DecaDuro for strength and Clenbutrol, both from CrazyBulk for professional results.